May the 7th Be With You

Calendar time and also a blast from the past. Tony’s Darts Away is a great little spot in Burbank that I have not been to in a long time. Working from home instead of working in Burbank has dropped visits to the neighboring city down.

One of their yearly highlights was a midnight tapping of their Darts Away IPA and then a weekend of hourly special tappings.

Guess what? It’s back…

….and the IPA is from Beachwood! Follow their socials to see what goodies will be on tap and when.

Tony is 9

Good beer homes in Los Angeles are nearing that double-digit number, one of which, Tony’s Darts Away is coming up on their 9th Anniversary. and you’re all invited to the Beer Bash!

As per tradition, the party start at midnight on Friday, May 10, with the tapping of our new batch of Darts Away IPA. Bluebird Brasserie and the New Original Breweries did the brewing honor for the anniversary strong IPA.

On both Saturday and Sunday, May 11 & 12, a new keg will be tapped every hour. Follow the Social of Medias to find out if a super rare beer or your favorite brewery will be going on tap.


Tony’s Darts Away turns 8 this month and as per custom will be tapping beers all weekend long.

This year the special Darts Away anniversary beer has been brewed by sibling and Belgian Brewpub, Bluebird Brasserie. One example of what will be on tap is all three “Russian River Brewing Co. Wild Ales including Concentration 2015 Vintage, Supplication 2017 Vintage, and Temptation 2017 Vintage.”

It all starts at midnight on Friday May 18th and goes until Sunday, the 20th.

In the Tap Lines for February 2018

We are back around the horn to birthday month! Time to decide what beer I want to imbibe as a special treat to me. While I do that, the blog will keep going with…

~ e-visits to three breweries from Canada
~ special featured reviews of beers NOT IPA’s (except for one)
~ Heads-Up on Los Angeles Beer Events
~ Three suggested beers to buy this month. One light, one medium and one dark
~ A Book & A Beer reads The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley
~ I will tap the Firkin and give my no holds barred opinion on the craft beer world.

Here are two events to get your February started in the Los Angeles craft beer world:
1) February 6th – Bruery, Bruery Terruex & Offshoot Beer Co at Tony’s Darts Away
2) February 10th – L.A. Ale Works 1st Anniversary


Hard to imagine but Tony’s Darts Away, keeps getting older and will celebrate Seven years of tapping California brewed beers with their usual exclusive beer tappings every hour from Saturday, May 12th through Sunday, May 13th. Most importantly the tapping of the new 2017 Darts Away IPA, a custom IPA brewed in collaboration by Bluebird Brasserie and Kern River Brewing Co.

Here are the recipe notes….
• 9% Imperial IPA
• Malt: 2 row, crystal, and wheat
• Hops: Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, Ahtanum, CTZ, and one top secret super special varietal

In honor of the 7 year anniversary: boiled for 70 minutes with 7 hop additions throughout the brewing process and dry hopped generously.

Follow their social media to find out about what special beers will be tapped.

6 Years of Darts Away

Break out your hashtags and tastes for hops when Tony’s Dart Away goes all #TDA6th starting tomorrow and going through the weekend.

There will be the near ritualistic hourly tappings (between 10am-7pm) of special & rare California-brewed beers + the return of a brand new* Darts Away IPA that you can get in a commemorative pint glass for sale for $10 (which includes a pour of the anniversary hop bomb)!

For those Sour Cottontails out there, Sunday will be “Sour Easter” with each hour bringing a new sour.

*For those who didn’t want to drink an SABInBevMiller IPA, do not fear. Eagle Rock Brewery has stepped up to brew the Tony’s IPA this year.

Fest Review – L.A. Vegan Beer Fest

First time Vegan-Fester, that’s me.  I walked past a gaggle of soccer games near the Rose Bowl on Saturday afternoon towards a backdrop of the San Gabriel’s and the entrance to the Vegan Beer Festival 2015.


This is an impressive venue for a beer event.  There is something about being at the 50 yard line of a stadium that most usually see just on a TV screen. As we all filed onto the field through the stands the layout was simple. Food and beer vendors (some trucks, some not) along the side with shaded beer booths down the middle.

There were two breweries that I specifically wanted to sample.  The new Solarc as well as Wicks. Solarc was pouring their Gruit and a hatch pepper black IPA which was easy on the spice. The trio of flavors worked well for me. I chose the cream ale from Wicks which was fine. Not to the level of TAPS or Beachwood but certainly tasty.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.21.53 PM

Of course, I started the day easy with the Firestone Walker Easy Jack which still stands out in a festival crowd. But the other beers that caught my attention were the Ambler from Phantom Carriage. A very refreshing and almost entry level farmhouse ale. Pacific Plate’s Spring Ale was a delightful blend of ginger and other spices. Three Weavers had their Bogemian Bao Bao IPA which had a bright citrusy character to it.  Lastly the newly bottled, I Love It from Noble Ale Works worked hop wonders too.

Don’t be surprised that there isn’t much Vegan food talk. I had Mac and cheese waffle. Both odd and quite good. A little on the puny side for five bucks but it was a well executed mash-up.  Past that there were plenty of options from pizza to tacos to pudding. You could drop some money and be well fed. 

I posted photos of the field in a before and after fashion. The VIP hour and for an hour into the general admission, the lines were not bad at all. By 2:30 when I had my fill of beer, the lines were working their way to too long status. The VIP lounge in the UCLA locker room was full and bottlenecks were 405’ing in pockets.

I heard that the total number of tickets were in the 6k range. Maybe even 7k.   That is an impressive amount of people. And one that makes me wonder if the organizers would be better served to make this a two session event. I, for one, would enjoy drinking under the stars in a night session. 

That suggestion aside, this is a well run festival where you get your money’s worth. Especially if you go the VIP ticket route. The setting and the more fun- less beer bro nature of the vegan and beer crowd make for a good afternoon. 

Vegans take over the Rose Bowl

You won’t be dodging floats or UCLA linebackers on May 16th at the Rose Bowl. Nope, but you will be treated to a great location for drinking beer and eating some vegan food at the 6th L.A. Vegan Beer Festival.

I am not vegan so the main draws for me would be sunny location in the arroyo with a gorgeous view of the mountains and the beer. And as you can see from the list, you will have a fine beer time for sure.
Now if they could only get each brewer to run out of the tunnel to a thunderous applause like in the football game.

Tony’s Darts Away – 5

Midnight IPA and a “Sour Easter Sunday” will ring in the 5th momentous anniversary of Tony’s Darts Away on April 4th and 5th.

I can’t remember what Burbank without Tony’s was like. And that means that Golden Road and Mohawk are even younger! For those who haven’t made the trip to Magnolia Boulevard for an anniversary, each hour from 10am to 7pm brings a new beer on tap. And not just “any” beers mind you, but aged beauties like:

Hangar 24 – Pugachev’s Cobra (2014)
Firestone – Parabola (2013)
Lost Abbey – Bourbon Barrel Angel’s Share (2014)
Russian River – Consecration
Russian River – Supplication
Lost Abbey – Spontaneous Cheer (2013)

Follow them on the social media sites