Tiny Bubbles

Lost Abbey is no stranger to spin-off lines.  Hop Concept is their IPA offshoot and now they are launching Tiny Bubbles in 2020 with 4-packs of slim 12oz cans starting with two flavors, brut and rosé.  I applaud that Tomme Arthur and crew have not bowed to the seltzer whims (which will come back to bite some, methinks) and have taken their core competency and put a spin on it.

A Lost Abbey at Dupont

The video says it all….

Brasserie Dupont has played around with a dry-hopped version of their Saison but now they are kicking it up a notch and doing the full San Diego with Tomme Arthur.

Side note: The collaborative duo will be at The Phoenix on 3rd Street on the 23rd to pour the new beer. First visit to L.A. for Oliver from Dupont and it was fortuitously scheduled for our L.A. Beer Week.

Lost Abbey – Framboise de Amarosa

As opposed to quite a few beer geeks, I like fruit beers. When done well they are (heresy) better than high abv Stout bombs. So as I perused the Lost Abbey 2010 release schedule, this beer really stood out…
“Framboise de Amarosa. This is a barrel aged raspberry beer that has been aging in our distribution warehouse since last summer. In July, we had farm fresh raspberries delivered to our brewery and they went directly into all manners of barrels. And because it didn’t have enough Raspberry character, we added more fruit to the barrels in November.”