El Segundo will be melting again at the end of the month.

You will find the familiar triumvirate of Radioactive Fallout Hazy IPA, Power Plant TIPA and Nuclear Power Plant QIPA on the 28th. You might want to also check out their new Strata IPA if you have a palate left from all those hops.

25 Blues

One of the favorite of the summer beer events for both the breweries and fans alike has been the Mammoth Bluesapalooza. It is still on my bucket list. Maybe 2022 for me. But this year is a milestone, # 25!

And Mammoth Brewing is releasing a 10% TIPA to mark the occasion. In bombers no less.


El Segundo Brewing has made many a fine IPA but they may be eve better at brewing up Triple IPAs. Which is why the biggest of their Postcard series is bears the 10th anniversary mantle.

Now that I think about it, maybe the T in TIPA stands for tenth.

Review- Elevensies from Eagle Rock Brewery

Happy 11th birthday (a little belated) to trailblazing LA brewery Eagle Rock and now let’s check out their celebration of 11…

Elevensies pours a close to dark orange. This is a cheek warmer for sure. 11 hops including the new Altus were used for this anniversary Triple IPA that tops the scales at not 11 IBUs but 111 of them. Initially a little hot and that ABV obscures a dark cherry type of flavor that I am getting.  Maybe caramelized pineapple?  Either way it is nicely sharp at the beginning of the sip and then glides into the slight burn.


Repurposing will be the order of the day for many breweries. That beer that was brewed special just might get rebranded. “Abundance of Down Time” from El Segundo Brewing would have had a different name when sipped at Coachella, but since is more than ten people it is now “new”! 13% ABV and hopped up with Chinook, Simcoe, Centennial, Loral and HBC 692 hops.

The Orange Tile

If you haven’t watched either Fyre Festival documentary or read about it then the following beer from L.A. Ale Works might not make much sense (except for the hops, of course)

I am sure that this beer will stand on its own but a little backstory never hurt. Orange Crushed Dreams will release on 2/9/19.

Marble Brewing

Back to New Mexico for the Marble Brewery.

Here are my two suggestions…
Simcoe Pale Ale
This single hop pale ale is a great spring beer, with big citrus hop aroma and flavor, little malt character and a nice crisp and refreshing finish. 5.4% ABV

Yes, it?s what you think it is. Loads of hops, rich pale malt, long bitter-sweet finish. 11% ABV. $6.00 a pint. No 22s. $20 growlers.