What Radiant Has Done

Radiant Beer Co. has had a busy year, so they are looking back with, All The Things We’ve Done (Year 2).

“Brewed to celebrate our second anniversary, our staff collaborated to produce this love letter to Radiant. A Triple IPA clocking in at 11.3%, this is a sneaky beer with an array of flavors as vast as our experiences over the last twelve months. Big citrus and tropical fruit aromatics, weaving through tangerine, grapefruit, mango, and apricot give way to bold notes of cantaloupe, rainbow sherbet and pineapple. Perfectly balanced with low bitterness and a dry profile that complements the well-hidden alcohol. The perfect second anniversary beer.”

Travel Writing

Stone has a new One Batch Dispatch out now, Travelogue Triple IPA. 

This is a big one, as they describe, “Our trek started with Amarillo hops – a favorite from Stone history that we’ve fallen in love with all over again – combined with Loral and Mosaic. Meanwhile, we used flaked wheat and oats, which you’d typically see used in a hazy beer, but filtered this one for a classic, bright appearance. 

That all went according to plan. But the surprise came when this beer that we expected to be a double IPA, came out at a massive 10.7% ABV. Despite the big alcohol content, this beer is incredibly smooth, letting the intense tropical & citrus notes shine with a glorious lingering hoppiness.”

Review – A Trio from Mumford Brewing

With their 7th Anniversary recently passed, it seemed a good time to review three Mumford Brewing beers including their 10.76% TIPA…

Return Visit WC DIPA – collaboration with Cerebral Brewing. I like the repeated Return Visit in red on the yellow label. Bright and clear orange color in the glass. Getting candied orange peel to start that settles into a WC dankness. The DIPA strength shows.

Rolling Blackout Coffee Stout – milk chocolate is the aroma order of the day, Coffee is low here. Getting more vanilla than anything as it warms. A bit if metallic note intrudes here as well.

7th Anniversary TIPA – ticks the hazy boxes than toggles up the ABV. Soft hazy mouthfeel with tropical fruit and grassiness. If I had to describe using just one word, that word would be thick. This is a texturally heavy beer.

May the 14th Be With You

Mark your calendars and ready your lupulin threshold as El Segundo Brewing will be celebrating #11 this year.

They will be bringing back two hoppy offerings from their past, Greetings From El Segundo TIPA and Lost in the Mall. I would guess that more fun beers will be added to the board as the event draws near.


El Segundo will be melting again at the end of the month.

You will find the familiar triumvirate of Radioactive Fallout Hazy IPA, Power Plant TIPA and Nuclear Power Plant QIPA on the 28th. You might want to also check out their new Strata IPA if you have a palate left from all those hops.

25 Blues

One of the favorite of the summer beer events for both the breweries and fans alike has been the Mammoth Bluesapalooza. It is still on my bucket list. Maybe 2022 for me. But this year is a milestone, # 25!

And Mammoth Brewing is releasing a 10% TIPA to mark the occasion. In bombers no less.


El Segundo Brewing has made many a fine IPA but they may be eve better at brewing up Triple IPAs. Which is why the biggest of their Postcard series is bears the 10th anniversary mantle.

Now that I think about it, maybe the T in TIPA stands for tenth.

Review- Elevensies from Eagle Rock Brewery

Happy 11th birthday (a little belated) to trailblazing LA brewery Eagle Rock and now let’s check out their celebration of 11…

Elevensies pours a close to dark orange. This is a cheek warmer for sure. 11 hops including the new Altus were used for this anniversary Triple IPA that tops the scales at not 11 IBUs but 111 of them. Initially a little hot and that ABV obscures a dark cherry type of flavor that I am getting.  Maybe caramelized pineapple?  Either way it is nicely sharp at the beginning of the sip and then glides into the slight burn.