Spell It

Eagle Rock Brewery is at the 12 years old mark this year, and that means time for an anniversary beer.

Here are the early details, “Umihumālua is a tiki-inspired IPA with orange, pineapple, and nutmeg. This punchy beer is sure to transport you to paradise with one sip!”

Featured Reviews – The Bruery Tiki beers

The Bruery have a couple Tiki inspired beers out now and here are my thoughts on them….

Seahorse – right out of the gate, this beer is great.  Big, juicy pineapple aroma and flavor.  Super tropical.  Light malt taste slides in for a second. Quite tart but that fades a notch not less acidic territory as it warms. The only minus is that the bourbon barrel character is missing as is the citrus for me.  Those two added would have made for an even more complex sour. 

Mai Zombie – pours an amber red color.  Quite a multitude of ingredients here and boy is it almond dominated to me.  The orange flower water adds a twist but the spices, lime and grapefruit are not to be found.  Tastes a bit hot as well.  Maybe dialed back in ABV would soften that edge.  No sugary rum texture found either. More cocktail oriented.

The clear winner was Seahorse. Both beers could have delivered more of the flavors on the labels but the sour was more balanced and maybe the Zombie cocktail is not for me.

Whose Zombie?

The Bruery will be doing a series of cocktail beers leaning into tiki especially this year and the first one is here, Mai Zombie.

“Mai Zombie begins with a Tiki-inspired base beer as the foundation for the spirited nuances enkindled by the rum barrels it rested in for over a year. Inspired by one of our favorite island drinks, we used lime and grapefruit zest, orange flower water, almonds, allspice, and hints of cinnamon and ginger for a unique Tiki beer experience. Exotic, tropical, and like nothing you’ve tasted before.”

What is cool is that the base beer was created to be rum -esque so that when put into rum barrels it would double up that spirits taste.

Pac 6

3 weeks from today, Pacific Plate is going to go all Tiki for their 6th anniversary because 6 is the tiki year, right? Follow their social media streams to make sure you get all the details.


I have brought it up already, but make sure you get your tickets to the 2018 edition of Firkfest (second year with the Tiki theme).

Need one more reason to come? The OC Bartenders Cabinet will be there making Tiki cocktails.