Review – Unity 2016 on Cask

Next month, I will review both last years and this years L.A. Beer Week Unity collaborative beers in “from the bottle” form.  But yesterday, I trundled down to K-Town to try a cask version of the beer first at Southland Beer.
The cask was tapped behind the curtain so I only saw a few tools head behind the bar but soon the beer was being pushed through the handle and I got one of the first pulls of the beer. There was a weird bitterness to Unity 2016 with some fruit notes too. Do I detect Watermelon? Certainly not very citrusy. I was expecting the cask to mute and round off the sharp hop edges but this beer is still a little too harsh with some woodsy back end flavors to it.
I was left trying to wonder what the cask presentation added/subtracted from what the beer will be in the most available forms. Will the fruit notes pop more? Will the carbonation add some zing? Time will tell since the bottles will be soon on the market.

Bounce House?

I have already forewarned readers of the 1st anniversary party for Three Weavers but now I know a bit more of what you should expect when you go.  ‘Cause, you’re going, right?

There will be lawn games, pinatas and maybe even balloon animals and a bounce house.  Exactly what would be at a 1-year old’s party.

Oh, and 18 different beers, which will include the 1st Anniversary IPA.  And if fun and beer weren’t enough there will be food available and proceeds from the ticket sales will be passed on to the One for All community charity.  Check out for more details.

When Three is One


Time flies.  It has been one year in Inglewood for Three Weavers through Southbounder and Watermelon Saison and really cool swirling labels on their bottles.

Now they are going to celebrate.

Here are the details:

“We’re turning one and throwing a party to celebrate! Join the entire Three Weavers gang for an afternoon of beer, music, a lawn of larger than life games, beer, hourly pinatas, killer food, beer, and obviously, more beer. There will be 24 taps flowing with 18 different brews for your imbibing pleasure – including all of your favorite cores, specialties, and several special one offs made just for the party.

VIP Hour from 1-2 PM with extra special beers and small crowds ($40) / General Admission 2-6 PM ($25) – Ticket price includes a rad commemorative glass, five 5 oz. pours, entertainment, and good feels. Additional beer tickets will be available.

Proceeds from ticket sales will be benefitting (One For All), an Inglewood charity that “empowers youth through community-based programs which instill an everlasting sense of personal pride, academic achievement and distinct accomplishment.”

Review – The Messenger IPA


Wow. I remember liking this Three Weavers / Noble Ale Works collaboration back before 3W was not yet up and running in Inglewood but this bottle is tremendous. Just bright with citrus. I am getting tangerine and grapefruit in large delicious amounts. Not much bitterness here but that is because it is accenting the fruit not fighting it.

It also pours a beautiful and clear yellow from a really cool looking and big bottle. Really simple but artfully arranged colors and graphics on the label. The beer really looks good next to the bottle.

Back to the beer, it is super juicy and if you like that, well then this beer will really tickle your tastebuds. And if you have an IPA averse someone in your life, this might be the beer for them. I gave a taste to my resident witbier fan and got a really positive response.


Three Weav3rs are Open!

So the Weavers Three have opened!  Here is a quick day-after commentary along with some photos from the day.


I was a volunteer out in the sun and got to see what beers were popular with the crowd and if that corresponded with my favorites.

Seafarer Kolsch was an excellent light way to introduce myself to their line-up. Their Session IPA, Stateside had an excellent aroma and a good amount of bitterness for such a light beer. The Double IPA Knotty Pine was also a cut above many in that style category. Strong without going overboard. But my favorite was the Coffee version of the Deep Roots ESB. I really enjoy coffee beers layered onto lighter bases. And the ESB was a great delivery vehicle for the roast. Barring that special beer the plain ESB was excellent as well.


The crowds seemed to hanker for either the Kolsch or the Expatriate IPA. Though the initial line for the Double IPA was quite long.

The event was not crowded. Plenty of space to stay out of the way of people and the sun. The two food trucks weren’t mobbed and no glass ware was broken, that I saw or heard. Which means that for a second event that they are doing pretty well.


The beers were uniformly good with only the Imperial Stout not being to my liking. Too much licorice for me. I am looking forward to the growth and new beers from this addition of LA’s beer scene.

Three Weavers Update


The Kickstarter campaign for Three Weavers ends on April 6th. And as you can see from the image above, they are over halfway but could use a push

Now if you are the type that has to “try before you buy” then head to Tony’s Darts Away on either the last day of March or the first day of April and you will catch a Three Weaver beer in tap.

Then you will certainly donate.

Three Weavers

Three Weavers Brewing Company has been busy and will be getting busier as it prepares to open sometime this year.

They (Lynne and Alexandra) have participated in three collaborations: “Two with Golden Road Brewing, one exclusively for the United Kingdom in a series that brings the best craft beers from America and the second, a Stateside version called Cross the Pond. The third collaboration (The Messenger) was with Noble Ale Works to celebrate their anniversary earlier this month.”

And on March 6th (That’s TODAY!), Three Weavers’ Kickstarter campaign launches.

If you haven’t tried their collaborations yet, they will be at the Glendale Tap on March 6th and tentatively at Cinco (Playa del Rey) March 7th to celebrate kicking off the Campaign.

PS – I am now waiting to try the beers and will report back in a PSS.

PSS – I tried both and I really dug the Messenger.  Had a nice bitterness backed by what I can only describe as lemonade notes.  The Cross the Pond tastes very much part of the Golden Road family but is a welcome addition to the Session IPA trend,  if you can find either, I suggest you try it.