Wish I Could Get It – Czech Mates

It seems like every day that I see a beer that I wish that I could get, but realistic me knows that it ain’t gonna happen. Another part of me also knows that having these just out of reach beers is a good thing. It will eventually push me out to travel to find.

This month, I would need to travel to the Land of KC3 aka England to Thornbridge Brewery for this collaboration with Budvar…

Santa’s Pint Glass – Day 23

We head to merry Old England for a Scandinavian styled holiday ale from Thornbridge Brewing

“A dark mild with Low Colour Maris Otter, Crystal, wheat and chocolate malt, hopped with Goldings. A brand new beer to provide comfort in deepest darkest December

Knäck is a 4% dark mild, with a rich malty soul giving notes of hard toffee and roasted nuts, much like the Swedish Christmas treat of the same name.”