BSP at Universal Studios

Last February, the much better half gifted me a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood (actually Studio City / Burbank). And of course, I have to write about the beer that I found. Let me wave my Hogwarts wand……

I have to say that the Hogsmeade re-creation is quite impressive. All the set decoration and the forced perspective of the castle is really well done. The Hogs Head is a great place to get out of the California sun and relax as if you were in Westworld the Harry Potter version. I went with the pumpkin juice instead of the English/Irish beers on tap. Probably a mistake, it was sickly sweet. A pumpkin tinged apple juice with lactose.

I wish there was a “fishy green ale”, would have ordered that in a second. There was great beer signage to be found, including a Brews & Stews sign as well as a big cart drive faux keg of butterbeer. Just be sure to have your drink AFTER the ride. Your stomach will turn enough without beer inside.

Next it was on to the Duff Beer Garden, complete with taco truck from the Bumble Bee Man. Just like a proper brewery. Moe’s Tavern was across the street and you could get Duff, Duff Dry, Duff Lite and Dufftoberfest. Also Angel City IPA. I went for the fest bier and it did the trick. The price of $12+ is basically factoring in the photo opportunities and the chance to say “Give me a Dufftoberfest” out loud.

I also found a nice beer selection amidst the tiki drinks outside the revamped Jurassic World attraction. You could get Red Stripe and Carib Premium lager on draft. In a clear, tiki adorned plastic glass. It was perfect after being semi-drenched on the ride and to people watch those ordering frozen cocktails.

OVERALL – The alcohol selection is quite well done. Thought has been put into it to make sure that not only the various lands look right and transport you to Hogwarts or Springfield or Isla Nubar but that the drinks don’t bring you out and in fact enhance the visit. I just wish they had a Duff Beer Garden pass, I like the Duff dwarves.

Moe’s Tavern


A few year’s ago, several L.A. 7-Eleven’s were redecorated into Simpson-style Kwik-E-Mart’s.  It got a nice bit of press coverage and I even traveled to a Burbank location and got photographs of me with the graffiti of the infamous El Barto.  Didn’t have a pink donut though.

Now, Universal Hollywood is re-creating more of Springfield in it’s theme park.  And it will include a Moe’s Tavern and a Duff Beer Garden.  Now I don’t know who makes the beer or if it pairs with theme park churro’s but the photo opp would be cool.  Sitting in Moe’s with a beer.  Sadly, the Flaming Moe is non-alcoholic.



Stupid Sexy Flanders

You could, conceivably, chill this Simpsonian homage /  Sun King beer with the TurboCool.  It comes in the really cool 16oz Alumitech cans with the twist off cap.

Alumi-Tek 538b_f rev3

“Our traditional Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin is fermented with wild yeasts, Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces, which impart tart cherry flavors to glance the malt sweetness.”