Thank Heaven for Beer – The Brewery

You read that right. From blog to brewery. And you can help make the dream a reality….

…by clicking HERE to see their presentation on Kickstarter.

And after you have done that, tell your friends, write about it, tweet it, get this video under the nose of anyone who loves craft beer and can pony up even just $5.00.

Community + Beer =

…even better beer! One of my favorite beer websites is Thank Heaven for Beer. They have great reviews every Saturday that personally help me evaluate beers better. But they also go the extra mile to create a community of like minded beer lovers, click HERE to read part 1 of their shout outs to great beer websites.

Beer Book!

I love books as much as I love beer so when you combine the two you get, Awesome! So when I saw this on the Thank Heaven for Beer blog, I was very interested…

“The Essential Reference of Domestic Brewers and Their Bottled Brands is the brain child of Micheal S. Kuderka, whose purpose in creating this reference book was “to be the industry recognized resource for information on all domestic beer and brands…” And let me tell you, he is is doing a great job.

This book is exceedingly exhaustive, easy to navigate, full of helpful charts and figure, and just what it aims to be: a great resource. The book walks the beer business man and the simple beer geek, like myself, through the domestic beer world starting with and alphabetical listing of breweries, followed by pages of color and bitterness charts, beer style index, state availability, geographic brewery index, commentary, supply charts, and full brewery portfolios. I do feel that in further editions, the book will add to the content, but already it is brimming with necessary information.”