I dabble in spirits. I know that I prefer Southern whiskey and gin above all, though I dabble in tequila and other drinks. Thanks to the L.A. Times Food Section, I found a Torrance based canned cocktail maker that delivers with the name of Drnxmyth. And they have bartenders creating some interesting spins on classic cocktails. The recipe makers get a cut too, which I think is great. So I ordered up a pair to be delivered and here is my verdict…

First up was the Margarita, at first I had a hard time twisting the bottom. You see, these drinks have two separate compartments. When you are ready to drink, you twist to mix the two together. Quite ingenious. The aroma was really nice and it tasted fancy. It had nuanced flavors and wasn’t just a tequila hit. The Gin drink was a little too out there for me. It tasted fine, it just wasn’t to my taste. I wished there had been more cucumber and mint notes. It just tasted a bit herbaceous to me.

They have a whiskey and a rum drink and I would not hesitate to try either. The 10 price point for what is essentially two cocktails is a steal.

Modelo Tequila

I do not like much highly corporate mass produced beers but if I was forced to make a choice, I would draft Modelo. Not their full range of Pacifico’s and Corona’s but the Modelo only. I do not know much about the Grupo but I have had much better experiences with their beer than other of the big players.

Which makes their foray into a tequila barrel-aged pilsner a bit interesting…

They are going to take their plain vanilla pilsner and give it a tequila spin. Hopefully the process is more of a subtle hint than a -Rita style blast.