New from the White Labs Vault

It is common to see posts about new hop varietals on this blog. Sometimes malt gets a high five but yeast and water rarely factor in despite their massive importance which is why I though this Instagram post from White Labs was cool…

WLP631 is in town. There’s probably won’t be any beers promoting that title on a label but it is important to see yeast terroir in action. Maybe there will be a Great Lakes Tart yeast or Big City SoCal version. The fact that science can cut these up into distinct little products is great because each time we gain a little more understanding of beer.

Apricots and Peaches, Oh My

I like blended beers because it is such an art meets science moment.

Mixing two strong fruit flavors in the process just adds difficulty. But if anybody can pull it off, Ommegang can. Plus it is in a 12oz can, which is a great serving size for a tart beer.

Review – Saison Ardennes from The Bruery Terreux

I was lucky enough to get a media sample of the new Saison Ardennes from The Bruery Terreux.

I opened up the 12.7oz bottle with the equine label to see what the second brewery is up to….

…and Ardennes pours a lovely bright orange color. Initial aroma is on the sour side. Much more than the actual taste. Sharp initial sour bite that drops back down to a medium woody taste. A little bit vinous too. Getting a little grape character. More rustic than barnyard.