Guild Appreciation Day – Assist the Guild

It can feel, at times, that everyone is asking for help. And they are. When oil companies are feeling the pinch and park freighters off the coast of California, you know that economics have been upended.

But this is even more important than the price of gas. The L.A. County Brewers Guild normally makes their year off one big event plus a few other smaller endeavors throughout the year. But there ain’t gonna be a big bash to celebrate the Beer of Los Angeles which leaves a tanker sized hole in the budget.

So, you have four ways to help. Shirt, hoodie, membership or putting some change in the tip jar. Click HERE to pick which one you can.

T-Shirt Support

In addition to buying beer in these times (safely of course), another way to help out is with merch. And I have two options for you!

Tank Farm is selling a range of “Support Your Local” shirts that you can see HERE. It includes some L.A. breweries and then stalwart beer site Hopped LA has a new shirt that will help out the industry and their workers as well that you can check out right HERE.

Merch Table

If you have sweated out or spilled beer on your beer t-shirts, maybe it is time to throw out the old and online order the new.

Here are two shirts that I think are cool…

You can find it HERE

You can go Dodger Blue by hitting this LINK


I don’t need another t-shirt nor do I need another beer glass but when i saw that the new logo for the fun (and feline informative) Cats on Tap, I am seriously considering making an exemption on that tariff.

Thanks Yelp

BrewDog has gotten it’s fair share of praise and fair share of angry comments and in a move that I wish other breweries and bars would do, have immortalized the bad (now funny) onto t-shirts.

My thinking is that if you starve a troll of oxygen, they lose interest. These shirts might rile one or two up but if BrewDog makes money off their not-so-wry tweets, that could work too.

On Tap – shirts

It seems that every year after Christmas, I hear about some cool idea that would have been good as a gift.

This year’s winner is Shirts on Tap.

It is one of the latest wave of monthly boxes. You get a custom brewery shirt, a coupon for beer from that brewery and a sticker. Right now they have the “Big 3” of cities Portland, Denver and San Diego but hopefully they will roll over to Los Angeles. We have enough breweries to do 4 years worth of shirts without any repeats.

Fermented Reality

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.03.40 AM

You may have seen the special IPA specific design glass, and like me, thought, that would be cool but I have a car trunk full of branded shaker glasses and tulips and taster glasses from festivals.  So I haven’t bought one yet.

But the people at Fermented Reality who will also sell you a beer caddy, beer t-shirt or a print for your wall have gone and created a plastic, shatterproof version.  The downside is that it is only wholesale now and won’t be ready for a few months but you can mark it down for future thought.

Craft Beer clothing

Do you need a cool beer t-shirt to go with the great craft beer in your hand?

Then check out the craft beer clothing website to see some imaginative designs.

Oh and here is what they say about themselves…
“This website was created to sell clothing just for craft beer enthusiasts. Craft beer is about flavor, color, complexity – it is an art to the thousands of brewers in the world. So, we decided to design a clothing line worthy of the craft beer industry’s passion for good beer. We will have new designs once these sell out, so tell your friends and help us spread the word!”