Up to Date

You don’t want to not have the latest fashion and you do not want to not represent all of the L.A. area breweries as of 2019, am I right?

Then head over to the Hopped LA website and pick up this sweet t-shirt. Use it to remind you which breweries you need to visit or which are your favorites or whether you like more of the green names than white.

On the 21st, you can celebrate Hopped LA night at Beer Belly in Koreatown and raise a glass to be kept apprised of beer in Los Angeles.

Now This is a Beer Shirt

Even though the missus and I are now without cat for the first time in our married lives, cat related items hold a bittersweet allure. But this…

…actually brought a smile. Maybe I will run across a brewery cat soon and be able to utter this phrase.

Spontaneous Shirt

I saw this posted somewhere on Facebook and instead of just liking it, I thought to myself that this would be a great shirt for all the L.A. breweries that have coolships to add to the Brewers Guild merch choices. Or maybe Hopped LA can add it to their roster.

Recycle that Sell-Out T-Shirt

You only have a few days left to gain amnesty for those shirts that you got as swag or bought, only to find that the owners sold out.

You could donate to Goodwill or you could make this a learning experience and help educate the beer business unknowing with this….

Head HERE to get started on your amnesty.

SRM Wear

Wanna show your next level, Cicerone style knowledge of beer? How about sporting a colorful t-shirt representation of the Standard Reference Method (SRM). Basically, what color is my beer. Would make for a great selfie with your next beer. You can buy one HERE.

LA gets Craft Beerd

Eye Catching design is hard to find.  Much like the can’t miss beers in craft world.  But Craft Beerd has some talent making shirts and beer posters.  So cool that I had to buy the new LA brewery shirt so that I could sport it around during L.A. Beer Week.  Check out their shirts and I am positive you will find yourself on the check-out page quickly.

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