A couple years back I had a Limoncello IPA from Mikkeller from the bar in San Francisco but now I have something a little closer to try from Surf Brewery and Head Brewer Nick Velasquez. Candy Lemon IPA is made using local lemons to create lemon peel candy that is then added into the boil then dry hopped with Galaxy, Sorachi Ace and Motueka hops.

Pair it with Lemonheads candy perhaps?

Sean Suggests for March 2015

Since last month was light and local, this month we go towards chocolate flavors and expand our reach from Pennsylvania and up the coast of California as far as Paso Robles.

Surf Brewery / Surfer’s Point Amber 5.00% ABV
” Named after our local surf break by the pier, Surfer’s Point, this amber Lager is brewed in the style of a Vienna Lager. The beer brings a clean malt sweetness balanced against American noble hops. Featuring soft notes of toasted bread and hints of chocolate wrapped up with a clean lager.”

BarrelHouse Brewing / Stout 6.00% ABV
” Since the first batch, our people can’t get enough of this creamy, complex, drinkable stout. We crafted this unfiltered brew with oats for creaminess, lactose for sweetness, Belgian dark syrups for intense dark fruit notes, dark malts for a hint of chocolate and coffee roast, and just enough hops for an award winning bittersweet finish. The perfect beer made for the perfect moment. “


Victory Brewing / Deep Cocoa 8.50 % ABV
“We’ve unlocked the mysteries and nuances of malts to deliver these luxurious and provocative flavors in this complex and satisfying porter. Raise your glass and taste the Victory of Deep Cocoa! Aromas of roasted malts blend with deep, dark chocolate in this bold and intense chocolate porter. The deceptively light body bursts with chocolate and nuttiness finishing with a lingering chocolate bitterness”


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 8.16.36 PM

In Hollywood, there is the oft-repeated phrase, “But I really want to direct.” Actors become directors as do writers and producers. The same motivation seems to be in place for breweries. I want to brew but I really want to have a barrel-aging program.

Not, of course, a bad thing. It just came to mind when hearing about the second release in the Scientific Series from Surf Brewery, of Ventura. The limited release Oil Piers Porter, aged in French Oak Merlot barrels came out in mid-February.

“The culmination of close to three years of barrel aging in French oak and artful blending at their newly established barrel aging warehouse in Moorpark, CA., has resulted in this dark porter featuring lush flavors from the barrel on top of rich chocolate malt with just enough oak flavor to draw out the finish.”

Coming next from the Scientific Series barrels will be a Belgian Tripel, a blonde, plus more porter and a Flanders red sour.

Review – Surf Brewery Surf Patrol Black IPA

The last California beer to be reviewed this month comes from just up the coast and evokes the surfer lifestyle. It is Surf Patrol Black IPA from Ventura’s Surf Brewery.

Here are the details from their website:
“Our American Style Dark Ale features vibrant citrusy and floral American hops balanced against a complex malt profile of toasty dark malts with a hint of roasted barley. Just like an early morning surf session, once you start you keep going back.
16°P 67 IBU 37 SRM Alc.Vol. 6.5%”