Jellie Babies

Readers will know that I like, really like, The Rare Barrel and Strata Hops are gold to me, so, obviously this beer struck me.

“Thanks to a windfall of wet Strata hops, Space Jellies comes to life through one of the more unique processes that we employ at the brewery. Hundreds of pounds of whole-cone wet Strata hops were added directly to oak barrels where they were conditioned upon a unique mixed fermentation beer for nine months. Loaded with bright berry and melon-like aromas and boasting notes of juicy pineapple and watermelon.”

The Birthday Beer 2021

2021 (and 2020) has been the Year + of the Strata hop, so my choice is….

…a fancy bottle of The Frais from de Garde Brewing in Oregon.

Got to practice my cork removal skills. Pours a bright orange / yellow color.  Brett wild funk is quite evident.  That just opened the barn door smell. Tart punch of acidity.  Fairly simple past that.  Some barrel wood. There is a navel orange note underneath the barnyard that is quite pleasant. 


Usually when I see astronomy or space themes on a beer label, I think Ecliptic Brewing but Brooklyn Brewery has gone hop pun with a new IPA (in 16oz cans naturally)…

…I have been highlighting beers with Strata hops because I have had a higher percentage of really good IPA’s with that hop as the focus. Hopefully this beer goes across the whole distribution footprint.

A Pod of Mod

Los Angeles has been getting a bit of can-action from Washington State’s Fremont Brewing and the above is another to be on the possible lookout for due to one of the hops being used that I think will be talked about more in 2019. Strata hits some of the flavor points that are in demand including, “various tropical fruit notes, citrus notes and dank notes similar to that of cannabis.”