Ninkasi will be coming out with another new 4-pack that should be hitting stores soon that include the above labeled beer. (I scored mine at the Glendale BevMo) I will be trying that stout for International Stout day!

I liked the summer pack (though not the music) and I am sure this one will be impressive one too even though I will have to hold onto Sleigh’r until after Thanksgiving because I believe in celebrating one holiday at a time.

Ocean 77

No it is not the latest in the George Clooney caper movies. It is a sequel of sorts or a side project for the mad brewers at BrewDog.

They have two beers ready, an IPA and a Stout. Pedestrian for people who stuff beer into taxidermy but the twist is that this is a private label type thing. These two beers will be a store exclusive. What store? Tell me if you find out.

Hollywood Brewery

On the heels of LA Beer Week, we lucky Angeleno’s will have Eagle Rock Brewing coming soon and now another entrant based in Hollywood,.

Hollywood Brewery is the brainchild of the people behind the newly opened Stout on Cahuenga near BoHo and Essex House. They are planning an ambitious amount of different beers when they are up and running.

Things are starting to turn the corner here.

Black Ops

from the fine folks at Beer America TV…
For a beer that “does not exist”, Brooklyn Black Ops is one for the books. This rich, but very smooth Russian Imperial Stout was aged for 4 months in bourbon barrels and re- fermented with champagne yeast. If it did exist, only 950 to a 1000 cases were produced, so if you see it, grab yourself a couple and cellar it, because it’s a tough one to get.

Terminator Stout

The Beer Search Party is blessed to have guest reviewers with specific beer style tastes. One is a fan of the Belgian tripel and the other is my dark beer specialist. And not just any dark beer, we are talking about Old Engine Oil Reserve and the big chocolate stouts. Without any further ado, here is a review of McMenanmin’s Terminator Stout…

“Loved it. Very rich and smooth. Hint of expresso notes. No bite. Very dark almost black with no head. Paired it with sliced havarti rolled with pastrami & tomatoes with garlic mustard. Thanks again for bringing it back for me. On my list of favorites”

Terminator Stout

In honor of the not bad / not quite good new Terminator movie, I present McMenamin’s Terminator Stout. If I had a glass of this during the movie, I would have been more kind to the plot and direction.
This is a really good example of a stout. I especially like it when it is on the nitro tap.