Travel Writing

Stone has a new One Batch Dispatch out now, Travelogue Triple IPA. 

This is a big one, as they describe, “Our trek started with Amarillo hops – a favorite from Stone history that we’ve fallen in love with all over again – combined with Loral and Mosaic. Meanwhile, we used flaked wheat and oats, which you’d typically see used in a hazy beer, but filtered this one for a classic, bright appearance. 

That all went according to plan. But the surprise came when this beer that we expected to be a double IPA, came out at a massive 10.7% ABV. Despite the big alcohol content, this beer is incredibly smooth, letting the intense tropical & citrus notes shine with a glorious lingering hoppiness.”

Past Breaking News (Part 2) – West, East and Far East

How’s this for beer business water cooler talk…

Sapporo U.S.A., maker of the number one selling Asian beer brand in the United States, and Stone Brewing, one of America’s largest and most innovative craft beer brands, have reached an agreement for Sapporo U.S.A. to acquire Stone Brewing. Supporting both business’ long-term growth strategies in the U.S. market, the transaction is expected to close in August 2022. “

Could this work? Sapporo already controls Anchor and aside from can label designs that are a little plain, seem to be in the same craft brewing pecking order as they were before. But though Stone has slipped into seltzers and brand extending Buenaveza lagers, it is still primarily a hop house something Sapporo is decidedly not.

Sapporo does seem to have a California heritage brewery soft spot. Stone is a world brand despite the pullback from Berlin and having both a West Coast and East Coast brewing operation has benefits. Though if I signed on to brew at Stone and I was suddenly making Sapporo for a living, it might be stunting creatively.

For some, the past bold statements from Greg Koch and initiatives to keep craft independent will be “flip flop” fodder for semi-humorous tweets but to me…

The big question that I fall back to is that despite the relative security of a stable parent company, what happens if Stone doesn’t generate money at the clip required. What happens then? Or what if Sapporo decides five years down the road that they want out of a hyper competitive California and U.S. beer market?

As with Anchor Brewing, only time will tell if the two can work together. Maybe Sapporo, Stone and Anchor can do a Hoppy Holiday lager for Christmas.

Turning 26

Stone Brewing is one of many who are getting back to throwing anniversary shin-digs. Below is the info for number 26.

“The Escondido “mothership” is hosting an epic affair at a size and scale never-before-seen at this location! We’re taking over the entire Bistro & beyond for the main celebration from 3pm-7pm.

Hardcore Stone fans can join the Rare Beer Festival from 12pm-3pm, which includes an exclusive beer list and festival area in the gardens PLUS early admission to the main event.

Join us for the grand finale! The festival is returning to the grassy North Promenade behind Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station with beer from 50+ breweries from 11am-3pm. “

Re-Review – Japanese Green Tea IPA from Stone Brewing

Heading back to the BSP blog vault to see what I thought of the Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA collaboration back in 2011.

Stone has gone into their vaults to un-retire beers and this was the one that I wanted to try again the most, so let’s see what I think of this re-release ten years later.

Getting a matcha type nose to this initially, then that first sip is a punch of it and a punch of alcohol. I can sense that their are hops underneath but the ABV is covering it well. The tea is solidly second place throughout. I get a tiny squeeze of lemon as well to add another dimension. Glad this is in a 12oz can for sure.

In the TapLines for April 2022


One quarter of the year gone by in a flash.  Now it is time for spring-y beers or as they should be called in SoCal, early summer ales.

~ e-visits to (3) breweries that will be pouring at the return of the Firestone Walker Invitational
~ special featured reviews of press review beers from Figueroa Mountain, Stone and Firestone Walker
~Heads-Up on Los Angeles Beer Events
~ Three suggested beers to buy this month. One light, one medium and one dark
~ A Book & A Beer reads South to America by Imani Perry
~ A Podcast & A Beer listens to History Hit with Dan Snow
~ Great Beer names and Best Beers of the Month
~ I will tap the Firkin and give my no holds barred opinion on the craft beer world.

Woot Ten

Can you believe that the big bad pecan beer Woot Stout or the full name Stone Farking Wheaton W00t Stout is ten years old? It is back with new comic art for 2022 from Stone Brewing.

I like the art better than the Star Wars theme from last year. This is much more Stone feeling to me and I am sure the beer will be just as luxurious.


Stone Brewing has a One Batch Dispatch for you. Jason Dunn / Stone Pineapple Dunn Upside Down Wee Heavy which is out this very day.

“The recipe comes from Jason Dunn’s winning submission in the 2020 American Homebrewers Association Rally. As the name implies, the beer is inspired by pineapple upside down cake. He wanted to create an in-depth malt profile, so it was decided to use a wee heavy base, boil it for an extended time to bring forth the rich caramel flavors, then incorporate pineapple to help cut through the sweetness of the malts and create a delicious decadent dessert beer.”

Stone is Bringing Them Back

Stone Brewing will be resurrecting past beers that were voted on social media, so, without further ado, here are the beers making a triumphant return…

First out of the gate will be Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA for another re-return followed by my personal choice…

Baird / Ishii / Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA (Late February) 

  • “It’s hard to find such a perfect blend of IPA hop flavor and herbal tea qualities. Strong tea attributes combine with hop elements of peach, apricot and mango.”

Stone RuinTen Triple IPA (Late April) 

  • “Hugely hoppy, an indelicate beer. There are five pounds of hops packed into each barrel and the ABV is cranked up to withstand the onslaught of hops.”

Stone Peak Conditions Double Hazy IPA (June) 

  • “This beer offers all the hops and bravado of a double IPA along with real fruit additions of passion fruit, orange and guava. Expect West Coast hops and East Coast haze.”

Stone 25th + 1 Anniversary Triple IPA (August) 

  • “Although not an archive rebrew (yet!), Stone’s anniversary salute audaciously reserves a spot in the Stone Fan Favorites lineup. This year’s triple IPA will extend the 25th anniversary for a bonus year of celebration.”  

Stone Imperial Russian Stout (October) 

  • “One of the foremost examples of this Old-World style in the American craft beer market. Rich and sinful, this massive and intensely aromatic beer abounds with notes of chocolate, coffee, black currants, anise and roastiness.”

3 Milks

As the wind whips in Los Angeles, so too do the anti-pumpkin fall seasonals. One that I am seeing more of is Tres Leches. Two that you should look for in SoCal come from Five Threads (below) Quite the ABV, so share that one. Or head to Stone for their Xocoveza variant which also adds in Mexican hot chocolate.