no. 65

I don’t know what is so special about foeder 65 but apparently it must have some good Oscar in it.

I do wonder what Missouri White Oak imparts into this upcoming New Belgium release.

And to add to the bounty, some single foeder Felix too….

Featured Review – Paloma-Rita by Toolbox

I have only sampled a couple two or three beers from Toolbox Brewing of San Diego and all have been quite good. Nothing has really wowed me yet. But I feel that the deeper I get into their catalog of sours, that I will soon find one that makes me sit back and ponder. Paloma-Rita pours a deep orange. Fruity almost sour patch kid candy aroma which pulls back into citrus. As I take stock of the flavors I find some wheat in the back just ahead of the smidgen of salt. The stars of the show are the Lime & lemon, which are strong. There is a high acidity and after finishing the bottle while watching some March Madness, I felt that having another beer after would be too much.

Featured Review # 1 – Huck Yeah! from Firestone Walker Barrelworks

We start sour March off with the huckleberry infused sour from Buellton’s (and Firestone Walker’s) Barrelworks division.
Huck Yeah! pours a vivid red color. Tart & fruity and buttery aroma. Same notes in the flavor as I take my first sips. Not super sour. Just a bit tart. My dad would have liked the name. Bit bubbly which I think adds to the beer. Huckleberry comes through. Almost like eating a handful of berries. A slight wine barrel note at the end.

You Pick

Wow, You Pick is an ambitious fruit salad that Allagash has concocted with three different berries and cherries too. But if anyone can blend this sour ale and get the mix to work, it would be Allagash.