NEWBrew from Singapore has a new blonde ale. How is that news, you say? It is brewed using recycled sewage.  You read that correctly.

It is a joint effort between Brewerkz, a local craft brewery, and Singapore’s national water agency.

To keep the all caps NEW going, NEWBrew uses NEWater. According to an article at FoodBeast, “NEWater is made using ultraviolet light to disinfect sewage followed by passing the liquid through advanced membranes and removing contaminant particles. What remains after the process, the brand asserts, is simply clean water.”

Considering that many breweries alter water based on their supply or a particular beer style, if this NEWater is neutral and has proof of no other issues, it might be worth trying.

Brewery Tour ‘around the World – Hong Kong Beer Co.

Those in power may have a fear of the outside world but here at BSP, we love breweries from anywhere we can find them.

Let’s start February in Hong Kong at….
Hong Kong Beer Co. started life in 1995 as the South China Brewing Company, before switching to the current moniker in 2003. Then ten years later the two founders of Singapore’s Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery bought HKBC and brought on Simon Pesch who had manned the kettles at the now gone Pyramid Breweries in Berkeley, California.

Here are the choices that I would make if I found myself in Singapore….

“Lightly roasted maltiness, a prominent aromatic nose, tropical fruit accents, and a clear, golden complexion make this a refreshingly balanced, dry ale handcrafted with European malt and some of our favorite American and Australian hop varieties. Judiciously dry hopped, this is an ideal session ale for any beer lover.”

“Aggressively dry-hopped, West Coast-style India Pale Ale with a freshness and balance that can only be found in a locally brewed beer. Its robust flavors sit on a rich base of malt, complemented by bracing bitterness, and the fragrant citrus, tropical fruit and pine aromas of American and Australian hops.”

“Rich toasted and dark malts define this style while an addition of 5% rolled oats to the grain bill creates a silky-smooth mouth-feel and subtle layer of texture to complement the roasted malt flavors.”

Then I would check out one of their Limited Release Cask Only Beers (Real Ale)
“Launched to commemorate our 20th year anniversary and named after our first brand, the Crooked Island Cask Series offers a range of different beer styles and dry hopping treatments, all featuring the seductive mouth-feel that only cask-conditioned beers can offer.”