Featured Review – Hop Bullet vs. Hazy Little Thing

Sierra Nevada does not stop when it comes to hops. And thanks to Sunset Beer Co. selling singles, it is easy to cheaply taste test among their offerings which I did in November as well. Let’s check the two out…

Hazy Little Thing
Seems pretty clear to me. The aroma just popped out when the can was opened. Lots of orange soda taste here. Soft pillowy texture. Candy-esque

Hop Bullet DIPA
“Spring Seasonal” in shelves in December? Pours a clear orange color. Sharp and medium bitter. Grassy and a skosh dank. Some orange notes.

This is a hard call. Both beers are as advertised. The way-too-early “Spring” moniker is minus points but the HLT is just too tilted to a candy flavor that is a bit much for me. I say go old school and bite the bullet.

Beer Camp to Pitch Beer Tents in L.A.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is bringing their Camp of Beer to LA next year. They recently announced their 2nd Beer Camp Across America (BCAA) 2016 festival tour and Los Angeles is on the six city list. Scheduled on Saturday, June 25th, 2016.
Line-Up and ticket information will be fleshed out next year but look for locals and close to L.A. breweries such as:

· Beachwood BBQ & Brewing
· Port Brewing Co./The Lost Abbey
· Bagby Beer Co.
· Societe Brewing Co.
· Smog City Brewing Co.

Review – Harvest Newly Developed Hops from Sierra Nevada

Orange as a pumpkin, or the New Black is my take on the color of this latest Harvest beer from Sierra Nevada. To me the proof is in the pudding though. I love the idea of the series as it stands but the execution hasn’t thrilled me. I’ve had good beers but nothing to reach the level of the iconic pale or the Torpedo IPA.


This new beer does have some nice orange juice notes to it. Not super laden down either, it has a nice bubbly texture to it. There is also some wine grape notes stuck in there as well primarily from the aroma. This is the type of beer that could elicit different flavor responses from each person that tries it. The bitterness is a notch too strong and a little tannic to me.

This is an interesting effort. Better than others in the series but still hampered by attributes that don’t work for me.



Okto via Chico


Sierra Nevada Brewing will be embarking on a yearly collaboration of Germanic proportions when they collaborate with Augsburg’s Brauhaus Riegele, for a brand new Oktoberfest beer.

I have, of late, bemoaned a lack of foreign beers in our mad dash for the most hyperlocal so this beer will shoot to the top of my list when it comes out in August because maltier beers deserve a place at the table too.




Review – Torpedo Pilsner from Firestone Walker & Sierra Nevada

In any variety pack there are beers you mark as special and this was one that I dog-eared when I first saw it. How would two California Beer Titans mesh into one beer.
Well Torpedo Pilsner from Firestone Walker and Sierra Nevada pours a yellow to orange color. The first taste and aroma is Sweet Tart candy. Bitterness is there but that unique candy taste is the boss. Some citrus but it us sweet orange not Farmers Market orange. Their is a lightness and metallic bit that is the pilsner part if the equation. Very light and almost a pils version of Easy Jack except for a lingering perfume aroma and taste. I’m getting flower shop mixed with parfumerie type of feel here.  The Southern Cross and Motueka hops used haven’t given me this flavor and aroma profile before so I don’t know what alchemy the two breweries have been up to but this is quite unique.

Review – Terra Incognita from Boulevard and Sierra Nevada

First things first, this is the Boulevard branded version of Terra Incognita.  Now onto what else I am watching/listening/reading while reviewing.  Why?  Because great craft beer makes me enjoy all the good things in life.  Kinda new age-y but that is fine.  So I am on a season 1 of Fringe kick right now.  If you are a Netflix-er.  Catch it there.  I am also a big fan of the ESPN/Bill Simmons/McSweeney’s mash-up Grantland.  Funny and spot on sports reporting/commentary as well as culture analysis of Mad Men that will leave you rolling.


On to this mash up of Chico and Kansas City…..The cork shot out of this bottle. Lots of foam initially, followed by a big blast of barrel aged notes. Whiskey. Not bourbon heavy. Still quite effervescent after settling down. Getting some acidity and hop bitterness after the oaky notes fade. Amazing that it is 8.5% when you consider how strong the aroma and taste is. But it is indeed light when you let it linger on the tongue.



Sierra Nevada is collaborating again and this one is with a fairly close by neighbor, Russian River!

They have partnered to create Brux Domesticated Wild Ale with an ABV of 8.3%. It got it’s intro to the beer world at craft beer event in Asheville earlier this month and might be on store shelves (limited release) as of now!