Less than Two Hearts

I should have guessed that when Two Hearted got a brand extension to Double Two Hearted that a slim version was probably on the way too. Great name for it though the fish head is still prominent. Looks like Bells is now gonna make people look at not only the freshness date but the carbs and calories too.

All 13

Not that L.A. gets any beer from Seattle based Georgetown Brewing but I have to give a shout out any time there is a Doctor Who adjacent beer…

There may be issues of copyright and such but at least this isn’t a blatant IP theft on a short lived 16oz can. Plus you can probably enjoy a couple during an episode.

Wow & Pop

Processed With Darkroom

Smog City has a wicked cool sour and aging program but they also impress with their IPAs. And there is a new one in 6-packs, Wow Pop! IPA flies under the “Crushable” moniker and per the brewery features notes of “juicy peach, pine needles, and toasted grain before arriving at a satisfying grapefruit rind bitterness.” 


I would expect nothing less in label art than this from the combo of Pizza Port and 3 Floyds….

Very trippy and skull driven. All for a session IPA. You won’t be able to miss it on shelves for sure.

Holiday Beer # 31 – # 306 from Troeg’s

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you have had a joyous, if slightly hectic, holiday season and that you can’t wait to open the gifts under the tree. Here is the final holiday “advent”ish beer to either find or put on your nice (shopping) list for next year…..

Yes, Troeg’s has a more traditional Christmas beer but I went with the latest in their Scratch Series.