Less than Two Hearts

I should have guessed that when Two Hearted got a brand extension to Double Two Hearted that a slim version was probably on the way too. Great name for it though the fish head is still prominent. Looks like Bells is now gonna make people look at not only the freshness date but the carbs and calories too.

All 13

Not that L.A. gets any beer from Seattle based Georgetown Brewing but I have to give a shout out any time there is a Doctor Who adjacent beer…

There may be issues of copyright and such but at least this isn’t a blatant IP theft on a short lived 16oz can. Plus you can probably enjoy a couple during an episode.

Wow & Pop

Processed With Darkroom

Smog City has a wicked cool sour and aging program but they also impress with their IPAs. And there is a new one in 6-packs, Wow Pop! IPA flies under the “Crushable” moniker and per the brewery features notes of “juicy peach, pine needles, and toasted grain before arriving at a satisfying grapefruit rind bitterness.” 


I would expect nothing less in label art than this from the combo of Pizza Port and 3 Floyds….

Very trippy and skull driven. All for a session IPA. You won’t be able to miss it on shelves for sure.

Holiday Beer # 31 – # 306 from Troeg’s

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you have had a joyous, if slightly hectic, holiday season and that you can’t wait to open the gifts under the tree. Here is the final holiday “advent”ish beer to either find or put on your nice (shopping) list for next year…..

Yes, Troeg’s has a more traditional Christmas beer but I went with the latest in their Scratch Series.

Pre-Opening Visit – Lincoln Beer Co.

I had the opportunity last week to check out the space that Lincoln Beer Co. of Burbank calls home.

I spoke with Patrick Dunn, the head brewer about the brewery on an overcast day at their facility and taproom to come on Lima Street.

The space, as I have seen with the new set of breweries lately, has room for more tanks and fermenters which bodes well. A camper was parked in the warehouse space as well, the temporary home of brewery consultants who helped Dunn with the Pioneer brewing system (which was a struggle to get up and running correctly).

The brite tanks were, contrary to most breweries, tucked into the spacious cold box. A measure that has both pros and cons in my mind. Dunn and partner Ryan Lipson met in college and started home brewing and you know the story. All they needed was the funding to get started.

Now they await a CUP so that they can begin the taproom build out and get customers through the doors.

You will see a “homework” assignment and Beer of the Week over on Food GPS in the coming weeks.

Now onto the pair of beers tasted.

Honeysuckle session IPA was clean and crisp. A good option for those who want their hops and less ABV. It didn’t make me go wow, but for this early in the learning curve, it was done well.

Winter Fiesta is their Winter Warmer that combines the spice of habanero pepper with the soothing aroma and cooling of vanilla. I have a low pepper pain threshold but this mash-up, though hot, didn’t sear like other habanero beers that I have encountered.

Featured Review – Jibe from Green Flash

Our second review stop with Green Flash is with Jibe Session IPA (the canned version).
As you can see this pours out so very clear. Tilted to yellow on the spectrum with a bit of orange peeking through. This beer starts out a bit tropical with some pineapple notes to it but then fades more into tangerine before passing the baton over to a wheat/grain taste that cohabitates with the bitter remainder of the hops.

It does taste both a little watery but also a little on the viscous side. How that is accomplished, I don’t know. The tangerine is good but I just wish it either chose more of that or more wheat notes. As it stands, it isn’t bad but I can see myself drinking it without noticing (which may be the point of Session IPA).