The End

Now I am not a huge fan of the multi-colors on this label but for a barrel-aged beer the name is just about perfect….

Sante Adairus has found a great saying to accompany their 2 year old beer with Wondrous Brewing which proves that you can still find a great beer name.

Mood Ring

Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks division has gotten in the mood with Sante Adairius Rustic Ales for “Big Mood”, “a new wild child crafted with Blenheim apricots and white wine grapes.

Here is more info on the collaboration

Jim “Crooks used the Sante Adairius yeast to ferment 2,000 pounds of Blenheim variety apricots sourced from Sante Adairius’ supplier in Hollister, California—enough to fill 50 oak barrels of beer, which underwent six months of aging. This apricot beer was then blended with a special selection of barrel-aged wine hybrid lots dating back to the 2017 vintage, all made with local Santa Barbara County white wine grapes.”

Collaborate not Divide

This tri-state collaboration certainly set my Pavlovian response into hyperdrive. De Garde which is highly regarded in Oregon with their California equal in both esteem and small quantity of beer, Sante Adairius and noted Texas brewery Jester King.

Then blend their beers together for one super beer. Then create a super cool label with a lovely starry sky type of graphic.

I have left whale hunting behind but I would travel for this one.

California in November – Sante Adairius


The final stop of California breweries (I think I could almost feature California every month) is up north of me.  Way north in the Santa Cruz area for some rustic ales from the hard to spell Sante Adairius.

This small but growing saison and more brewery (Has some Solera Method items going on to if I read correctly) has some really cool label artwork too.

Here are the beers that I would put into my sampler tray…..

“Saison Bernice is an exquisitely fermented farmhouse ale. Dry and refreshing, Bernice is made of the freshest on-hand and locally available ingredients. She receives multiple yeast additions, including Brettanomyces, and is further aged in the bottle.”

“Named for our three-legged brewery dog, Tripod is a Belgian-style tripel aged in oak-barrels.”

“Orange, lactic, and bursting with apricot aroma, West Ashley is built for consideration and conversation. While Ashley starts as a simple Saison, careful aging in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels with apricots, our house microbes, and warm encouragement transform her into a tart, complex and delectable beer.”