I scroll the haystack of Twitter so you don’t have to see all the crud that accumulates their because in between weird “hard” seltzer truthers and mudslinging there are gems, diamonds like…

Mark your 2020 calendars if you want to taste the end of one era and the coming of the new. From Santa Rosa to Windsor.

Wine to Beer

Even the least ardent wine drinkers probably is familiar with the winery brand of Kendall-Jackson. Now the wine label is joining team craft beer with the construction of a new 25,000-barrel brewery in Sonoma County.

Seismic Brewing Company is being pushed forward in Santa Rosa, by Christopher Jackson who is still an owner of the Jackson Wine business.

The slated for fall brewery has attracted brewers from both Firestone Walker and Anderson Valley which is a good start for sure.

More updates to come when they arrive on the interwebs.

Windsor the Younger

Good News and Bad News from the Russian River Brewing Company. The Santa Rosa brewery has chosen nearby Windsor, California as the future home of its much anticipated second location.
A 16-acre plot in the city will house a new brewery that will contain a 175-seat restaurant, a tasting room and a gift shop. Plans for a hop yard and a garden to grow ingredients for the restaurant’s kitchen are also on the agenda.

Sounds great, but they also plan to swap out their Santa Rosa production facility for the Windsor one and brew up around the same amount of beer per year. So supply will still be thin on the ground and you can bet that the restaurant will be as packed as the downtown Santa Rosa spot before too long.

Maybe they will utilize their friendship with Firestone Walker more to keep supply flowing.

Other side of the river

Facebook can often be an echo chamber of noise and quizzes to determine which dwarf from Snow White you would be (Dopey).  But you often run across gems that don’t seem to get talked up as much.  And I found one from the Bullseye Brewco website regarding Russian River. Two NEW beers under a side label. Ones that people will struggle to spell.

Amasa a blonde with Brett and Dauenhauer a hoppy pale with Brett added.

photo from Bullseyebrewco website
photo from Bullseyebrewco website

Hopefully these two will stay in Sonoma.  I am a big fan of purely local beers.  Make the people come to you so they can see the great things in your neck of the woods.  I will certainly look for these next time that I venture north.

You can check out the Sonoma Pride website but the link above has better info than you will find there.

Fly to Russian River

Every week, if not every day, I learn something that I did not know (usually something painfully obvious). Being Los Angeles based, I have pined to visit Santa Rosa and Russian River brewery but I have yet to make the drive north.

Then while talking with the aspiring Pipe Dream brewers over the Row 2, Hill 56 Simcoe beer, I was told that you can fly non-stop from LAX straight into Santa Rosa with a beautiful view of vineyards greeting your descent. Via…
Oh and while at Russian River, get the sampler tray. It is a glorious and large overview of the Russian River beer world.