Review – Level 8 Unlocked by Pacific Plate

Reaching year 8 is great. Pacific Plate Brewing has notched that level now and have released a big Saison in honor of it. Let’s review it here….

Very barrel.  Oodles of wood notes.  Idaho 7 and Cashmere hops? Sure.  The barrel crushes them.  Some Saison spice notes escapes the rum barrel vortex.  But when I think anniversary beer, I want something big.  This is big.  It is only 8.5% but it stops you in its tracks.

Rum Duvel

I posted earlier this year about Delirium Belgian beer aged in barrels. Now it’s Duvel’s turn with…

I was just talking about my relative lack of a good rum experience so this could be a nice start to re-think rum.

Stone Barrels

Rumvergnugen or Pampepato?  Rum, hazelnut and molasses or fruitcake?

Of these two new barrel aged beers, I would go with the latter.  Wouldn’t touch an actual fruitcake but I have had some surprisingly good fruitcake inspired beer.  Besides, rum and then molasses on top of a dunker might become to sweet too fast for me.