Review – On the Rocks Old Fashioned

I have passed by the RTD’s from On The Rocks at both Whole Foods and Vons, thinking, next time. Well, I finally got to next time and here is my review of their Old Fashioned made with Knob Creek whiskey.

This is strong. Take the over ice suggestion seriously. The alcohol is hot here. There is a nice citrus undertone here as well as a nod to sweetness at the top but this is basically a shot of whiskey. A little rounding off of the edges would do wonders.

If you like a up in your face Old Fashioned this will work for you but if you are looking for more depth, you may need to add extra to it.


Now here is where seltzer finally comes in handy! Zaddy’s has a new range of gin drinks that have a foot in both the canned cocktail realm and the world of seltzer. Meaning, low alcohol (4.5%) and low in the calories too.

They kindly sent me samples and here are my thoughts…

Gin Sonic – Neither the gin or the tonic shone through in the Zaddy’s take on the G&T. I get mint on the nose and a nice mojito-esque taste. This is quite refreshing but less mint and more tonic would have improved this for me.

Gin(ger) Fizz – Lovely ginger aroma to this one. A little balance of lemon to a big hit of ginger flavor is here. Again, this is a tasty drink but the gin is absent to me. I wish it would peek out a bit.

Corpse Reviver – This is my favorite of the trio. The aroma is heavenly. A smoothed fennel greets the nose. That spice with seltzer really works well. Also working in its favor is that I have never had this particular cocktail before so this is a new experience to me.

Those capsule reviews may seem harsh but that is only if you look at them as their cocktail analogues. On their own, without previous exposure to the drinks, these are solidly tasty. I would take these over a hard seltzer every day of the week.