Rhubarb Sketch

Rhubarb is not often thrown into the mix but if the Beachwood Blendery is doing it, then expect it to really shine. A choice selection of their aging beer was exposed to the rhubarb and then that was mixed with an apricot flavored beer for the final product. Releases today!

Compote Yourself

Usually the Mikkeller and Evil Twin beers are a bit out of my price range but for rhubarb, I will make an exception if I find it in the cooler. Rhubarb pie is one of my favorites and this beer had me thinking about having some pie and soon.

Two Reviews of Two Towns Ciders

I might break my record for cider talk in a month. Due to Two Towns Cider House sending me a care package of two of their new ciders on the market…

I started with the Hop & Stalk which is cider that has Citra hops and rhubarb added to the mix.

H&S pours a hazy dark yellow with a green apple aroma to it. Flavorwise this is a three way battle between rhubarb, green apple and the imperialized 8.2% ABV.

It is initially sharp and carbonated on the tongue. The rhubarb lurks between the brighter notes of the apple and also adds that extra oomph to take this from just boozy to complex. On the negative side, I did not detect any Citra hop aroma or bitterness.

Prickle Me Pink is more red when poured into the glass. This cider tastes like a cocktail made with a watermelon wheat beer. It isn’t syrupy sweet but it has a candy flavor for sure. It is a pretty red Kool-aid color but that is about it for the plus column. The Nopal is a distant taste and the cider aspect is bludgeoned by the watermelon which leaves the balance out of whack.

Rhubarb in Flux

Each year, Allagash changes up the recipe for Fluxus. Otherwise the name would be ironic and not actual. This year, the mystery ingredient has been revealed as rhubarb. Something you don’t see in beers that often. So you might want to splurge for a bottle this year.

Review – Rhubarbian from 2 Towns Ciderhouse


You are at Beer Search Party and yes, you are reading a cider review on this blog.  On my recent trip to Portland, I picked up this Rhubarb cider because when are you going to get a chance to taste this combo?  Maybe in a pie but in an alcoholic drink.

This Corvallis based cidery does plenty of fruity ciders but the combination promised on the can: “Tangy, wild, and not for the faint of heart, the Rhubarbarian is a fearsome hard cider made with fresh-pressed NW rhubarb” made me pick up a can.

The aroma doesn’t scream rhubarb to me.  More like a combination of cider and white wine.  The taste is both pretty smooth with an initial hit of tartness.  The apple taste seems most prominent to me though the rhubarb is a nice undercurrent throughout the drinking.  You do have to pay attention to get that rhubarb though which leads me to wanting a bigger hit of that and less of the apple.  They also do a version with hops by the name of Hop & Stalk which I wish I had seen to compare.

Now I want rhubarb pie!