Double Barrel Reviews – Gold Rider and Daisy’s Favorite from Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker has been reading my mind again as they have done more gin barrel-aged beers and have dabbled in using bitters barrels too.

Let’s start with the bigger ABV of the two, which surprised me, the Daisy…

Imperial Blonde is sort of like imperial pilsner to me, I appreciate the level up game but it also defeats the purpose of a blonde ale. Daisy’s Favorite pours a dark orange color and their is a mingling of spices on the nose. A soft but sturdy botanical flavor leads to a bit of alcohol burn at the end. The spices pop as it warms and the ABV doesn’t show up as strong. I would have maybe liked a little more juniper beer or coriander to add an extra dimension.

Gold Rider has been the beer talked about a bit more. Mentioning Cognac will do that. This has a big barrel aroma. Very French mixture of whiskey and grape. Lighter mouthfeel to this one, the aroma leads you to expect one thing and then you sip and it is different. I am missing the lemon aspect to this though, unless that is what is contributing to the lightness.

To choose a winner: I would pick the Daisy. It had a simpler mission and hit the mark, the orange bitters in the Rider emerged well but it needed more Cognac and lemon.

Next Gen

Every year is a new generation and at the Propagator in Venice, Firestone Walker that means more IPA.

Here are the details – “Each April, we celebrate another year of good times and brewing at The Propagator R&D Brewhouse with an anniversary beer release. This year, we teamed up with our friends at El Segundo Brewing Co. to create Gen-6 Double IPA, a riff on our now-classic Propagator house IPA, Gen-1.”

Firestone Walker – Citra IPA vs Double Mind Haze

Time to play catch-up on releases from Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker Propagator Citra – very light on the palate almost like a session IPA.  Getting grapefruit first and foremost. Getting a bit of Meyer lemony notes as well. Hazy yellow in color.  They certainly know how to keep it murky. 

Double Mind Haze – another FW hazy appearing masterpiece.  This is a rather odd beer to me.  Has a cheek warming amount of alcohol and a bit of a bite to it. Texture is there but the flavor leads more to buttery or barely blood orange. 

Wasn’t super jazzed about either to be honest but I would take the Citra if forced to choose.


You just might have a nautical themed summer with this new DIPA from the SoCal Firestone Walker. Look for it in their mixed packs, that is generally where you will find it or head to the Propagator.

The Prop is 3

The southernmost arm of Firestone Walker’s California empire will be 3 years in Venice / Marina Del Rey and are throwing a ticket-LESS party.

Here are the details…. “Enjoy live art & photography from our friends at Venice Arts, as well as outdoor games, amazing beer & food specials! No tickets necessary, just stop by & join us for the fun. Anniversary Special: two beers & one small plate of food for just $15!”

There will be live music and a commemorative logo’d Klean Kanteen re-usable cup for your beer (while supplies last). Plus some really good FW beers.