Premier Beer

English Football is moving from pre-season to regular season and, as opposed to American stadiums and arenas, the beer prices ain’t bad.

12. Manchester United – £5.10

= West Ham – £5

= Tottenham – £5

11. Brighton – £4.95

10. Leicester – £4.75

9. Aston Villa – £4.60

8. Chelsea – £4.40

7. Arsenal – £4.30

6. Crystal Palace – £4.20

5. Liverpool – £4

= Everton – £4

= Southampton – £4

= Fulham – £4

4. Nottingham Forest – £3.70

= Wolves – £3.70

3. Newcastle – £3.60

= Leeds United – £3.60

2. Brentford – £3.50

1. Manchester City – £3.40

Of course, there are more restrictions to when and where you can drink but a session beer is grand.

Premier League Brewery # 3 – Chalk Hill Brewing in Norwich

Norwich has has a rough go this year, it seems that the green and gold brings goals for the opposing side but you can head to Chalk Hill to have a pint and plot how to escape relegation.

Start with…

CHB Bitter – “A copper-coloured beer with a malty aroma, fruity sweetness and bittersweet hoppiness towards the finish.”

Gold – “A straw-coloured and malty golden ale with gentle sweetness.”

Flintknappers Mild – “A mild that’s black and malty, full of flavour. Available in Autumn and Winter.”

Pump Action – “Pumpkin spiced ale”

Premier League Brewery # 2 – Love Lane Brewery

Our next featured Premier League club is Everton, who have a new manager in former Chelsea midfielder and manager, Frank Lampard as well as two new high profile signings in Donny Van de Beek and Delle Alli.

We head to Love Lane Brewery for this e-tour. The brewery (and distillery) is based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

They took an old rubber factory and turned it into a 18,000 Hectolitre brewery where they also create Gin.

My taster tray would start with the Baltic Haze, then move on to the Oatmeal Cookie Brown before the third beer which would be the Pale Ale followed by their take on a West Coast IPA and finishing with their big Sgt. Peppermint at 12% abv.

Past Season

I am a Chelsea supporter but even I have to admit that Liverpool were a beast this year and truly deserve the title despite the season not being completed in the Premier League. Carlsberg might not be a fantastic choice but it is a cool label.