Blazer Draft 2020

The Portland Trailblazers had the 16th and 46th picks in this year’s NBA Draft. A draft considered thin at the top but with potential gems of prospects. Then Robert Covington happened and suddenly we Blazer fans got some depth and defense that we could really use.

Lillard’s team selected with their remaining 2nd rounder….

That means I get to highlight a couple Palouse breweries that you could visit if you happen to be in Pullman.

  • Terrain Brewing
  • Hardware Brewing
  • Paradise Creek Brewing

Now it is time to dream of NBA success in the shortened 20/21 season.

Next Season

The NBA season was steamrolled by the virus but that may have been for the best considering how my beloved Blazers were struggling and it gave time for Deschutes to craft a new lager with the red and black color scheme to prepare for the draft.

With the 25th Pick

Late Thursday night, while I was enjoying pizza and Beachwood beers at We’re Pouring, my beloved (and often shouted at) Portland Trailblazers made their pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. I know that free agents and who can be afforded is of more importance but let’s get to know….

from ESPN

Maybe Little Beast could create a North Carolina Paw Paw sour called Nassir. I don’t know how he will impact the team, especially with last year’s pick Gary Trent Jr. in front of him.

Rip City

I want to congratulate the Portland Trailblazers on making the Western Conference Finals!! That is a huge accomplishment. You can say that they were in the “easy” bracket but neither the Thunder or Nuggets were “easy”. Yeah, the Thunder and Paul George have no idea what a good shot is and the Nugs were a little too sassy but having to win on a last shot and survive four overtimes is tough.

You may ask what this has to beer. Well, I have a few pieces of glassware that is bedecked with Blazers past and logos past and it is playoff time when I dust it off and start pouring beer into them again. Last year, I had to put them away all too quickly but this year, they will be out for a nice long spell. And though they are not beer glasses, the beer tastes real good after a win nonetheless.

Blazer Hefe

The usual inconsistent Blazers have shown up for the 2018/19 season. As prone to a three loss streak as they are to the flipped version. But what is not inconsistent is the classic Widmer Hefeweizen who has teamed up with my hometown team and will have 16oz cans bedecked with the Blazer logo on them.

From December 3 through the end of the 2018-2019 NBA season, the limited edition 16-ounce cans will be available Widmer Brothers’ North Portland pub, the Moda Center, bars throughout Oregon, as well as at grocery stores in four packs.

Now to have my Oregon beer hook-up (Mom) send me some. Maybe drinking them will be good luck.

(Oh, and more Widmer news will be coming soon)

Sponsored Basketball Content

With the Clippers being Bumbled and the Lakers Wishing, there is no room on the jerseys of L.A.’s NBA teams for the longshot chance of a brewery being the sponsor and seeing the logo of Monkish or Homage on the TV or live at Staples Center.

But my hometown Blazers still have a spot that could be taken by a brewery. Obviously, the most obvious choice would be Widmer. The big brand in town is already involved with the other team in town, the MLS Timbers but a gold “W” would look good and match the lone title tag on the back of the jersey.

Or you could go the charity route like FC Barcelona does with Unicef and add Ex Novo to the jersey….

…lastly, we could get a lot of Haze Bros. to buy jerseys if we add Great Notion to them….

3rd Seed

The NBA Playoffs tip-off today and my Portland Trailblazers are sitting as the NW Division winners and the # 3 seed in the Western Conference. A much higher seed than I expected and in good position to make a run.

Instead of recommending specific beers to drink (because I am in Los Angeles and not Portland or New Orleans (our very worthy 1st round opponent), I cannot stroll down to any old beer shoppe and find city appropriate beers.

Instead here are some rules to follow for watching the playoffs, if you are not streaming on a device from your couch.

1. Wear your colors proudly – L.A. is a city of transplants and is very accustomed to rooting for a non-home team.

2. Don’t be an ass – Don’t bring up that the Clippers and Lakers missed the playoffs this year. Remember that next year, they might both be in and might win.

3. Tip generously and don’t nurse one drink – You don’t have to order beer after beer. You can switch to soda or water but remember that the seat you are in might be a better moneymaker without your butt in it.

4. Root your team on – But remember that you don’t want to be that guy who screams at every single positive play. If Nurk hammers down a dunk or Lillard drains a three at a key moment, then cool, otherwise be decibel respectful.

A Podcast & A Beer – The Ringer

I listen to quite a few NBA podcasts during the regular season but recently the one that I go to the most is The Ringer. Now that name isn’t as catchy or cool as Grantland but the site has that DNA embedded flavor in it so the podcasts are fun and a deep dive into all things NBA.

No matter which team you root for, unless they are super irrelevant, this pod will keep you up to date. This year has been especially fun to listen to the endless dissections of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Since both the Blake-less Clippers and the Walton and LaVar show are both struggling, it would be appropriate to stop at the new Dankness Dojo and order up a flight of the most IBU heavy beers and savor the bitterness.

Blazer Mania

One month from now, the Portland Trailblazers will kick-off the 2017-18 campaign in Phoenix and Pyramid Brewing has an IPA for the occasion. Maybe it won’t be hazy like the teams chances are this year.

And kudos to the label designer. The uniform fabric look is really cool as are the little touches like Dr. Jack in plaid and Bingo Bango Bongo.

Blazer Draft 2017

Yesterday, the salary capped-out Blazers had three late 1st round picks to use in the 2017 NBA draft.

If I was the GM, I would have dangled the 15 pick along with Allen Crabbe or Evan Turner’s bloated contract to anyone who would bite. Then I would take Jordan Bell from the UO for defense and hustle and Isiah Hartenstein to stash overseas and groom to be a Nurkic apprentice.

After the smoke had cleared, let’s call them “my” team traded their 15 and 20 picks for the #10 from Sacramento to select Zach Collins from Gonzaga and used the remaining pick on Caleb Swanigan from Purdue.

Based on their college team, here are some beers to toast the new arrivals to Rip City.

For Collins, it is easy. No-Li Brewhouse makes a cream ale by the name of Gonzaga or maybe Stellar Stout in the hopes that he will blossom into our starting power forward.

I couldn’t find a brewery in West Layfayette in a quick google search, but Indiana has a great number and I found an appropriate beer for Swanigan at Sun King Brewing. Big Iron English Barleywine or Bring the Hops, because Portland needs some rebounding.