All the Boots

Here is your full list of Pink Boots collaborations in the greater L.A. area…

All of the 2021 Los Angeles Releases:

Brewjeria Company: Step Into Power Elderberry Pale Ale (5.2% ABV)

Claremont Craft Ales: That’s Rad West Coast Pale Ale (5.0% ABV)

Frogtown Brewery: All Places Pale Ale (5.5% ABV) 

Feathered Serpent Brewery: IXTA Ale (5% ABV)

Golden Road Brewing: All Pale the Queen Pale Ale (5.5% ABV)

Highland Park Brewery: Mas Chingona IPA (7% ABV)

Indie Brewing: Squad Juicy Double IPA (8% ABV)

Poseidon Brewing Co.: Siren’s Kiss IPA (7.1% ABV)

Tarantula Hill Brewing Co.: So Sawft N’ IPA (7.2% ABV) 

Trademark Brewing: All Dolled Up Hoppy Pale Ale (5.5% ABV)

How many have you tried?

To the Moon

There are not a lot of strawberry beets out there and I can’t imagine that there are many strawberry IPA’s out there that are actually IPA but come April you will have Moon Boots IPA.

This is a partnership between 21st Amendment Brewing with the Pink Boots Society.

With this spring release, the brewery will be sponsoring 4 Pink Boots scholarships:

(1) Women in Leadership Certificate scholarship with eCornell University at $3,800
(3) Level Two Cicerone Course + Exam scholarships for Pink Boots members at $400 per recipient.

Break Out the Pink Boots

I am quite picky about beer festivals but when I saw that the Pink Boots Society was going to have a 10th Anniversary Craft Beer Festival at Liberty Station in the temperate clime of San Diego, I clicked on the link and read on.

They have secured a nice roster of breweries with an emphasis on locals from SD and there will be music and food and most importantly beers brewed by PBS members.

The event is on Saturday, June 3rd from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm with tickets ranging from $45 in advance and $60 for Day of Sales

All proceeds from Festival will benefit the Pink Boots Society Scholarship program that helps women in the brewing industry advance their careers.

Voices Carry

Tonight! Get your boots on as Three Weavers will be releasing their 2017 Pink Boots Collaboration beer in 22oz bottles!

Magnificent Voices was born on International Women’s Day and and the beer is described as “the results of the meeting being the contemporary gose in this bottle. Meyer lemon, kombu, lemongrass, & Himalayan pink salt create a beer that is lively, bright, complex, and flawlessly salty – much like the collective who brewed it.”

Proceeds will be donated to the Pink Boots Society Scholarship Fund.


Sunday, March 8th was the 2nd Annual International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. Which means that in a few weeks time there will some Pink Boots beers going on tap across the country. So keep your radar up so you don’t miss one being tapped in your neck of the woods because I personally believe that more brewsters is better. Variety is a cornerstone of craft beer and it isn’t just in styles and hops. It’s also in who designs the recipes, scrapes out the kettles and bottles the beer.


And this year there will be a bottled beer whose sales will benefit the PBS as well as Girls Inc. in Albany, New York. She’brew from the Shmaltz folks is a new Triple IPA that is a strong 12% and filled with Calypso, Citra and Amarillo hops