First off, this is the first canned wild / sour beer from the BarrelWorks brand of Firestone Walker and second this could be an emerging style trend. The sour flagship that tries to win back ground from the overly fruited dessert beers while staying traditional.

You can read more about the three aged beers that were blended into this one beer right HERE.


This summer has brought Tepache to our attention. What is Tepache you ask? It is a fermented pineapple rind drink from Mexico.

Angel City has a Gose variant…

“Tepache Gose is our mash-up of two fermented beverages that come from different parts of the world but make perfect sense when combined!”

And Cellador has a seltzer version…

“A Barrel-fermented, mixed-culture farmhouse seltzer with pineapple and cinnamon.”

Beachwood + Cascade

I usually blow through the onslaught of beer release calendars but I did catch one beer that seems to be a powerhouse collaboration to look for (though it will probably be expensive).

Beachwood heading north to Cascade to make a sour wheat ale with smoked malt.  Oak aged with whole pineapple and mango.  This could be like grilled fruit and it sounds very promising.