Belgian Pineapple Passion

This sounds like a summer refresher from Brewyard – “Fresh tropical fruit aromatics with a light hint of clove make way to bursting flavors of fresh pineapple, passionfruit and citrus spice. This Belgian Blonde is an incredibly delicious combination made specifically for hot summer days and warm nights at the beach or next to the pool.”

Review – Mr. Pineapple from SanTan Brewing

Whilst window (of the coolers) shopping at Sunset Beer, I spied a new set of arrivals from SanTan Brewing of Chandler, Arizona so I picked up a can and it so happened to be the one that was selling the fastest.  People like pineapple I guess.

Mr. Mister pours a hazy light orange. Sweet fruit notes hit the nose. Pineapple is there as is, strangely, banana. It has a very smoothie-esque consistency and taste to it.

I was expecting more wheat and a brighter fruit taste but on the flip side, I was worried that the pineapple juice would totally overwhelm the proceedings. Neither happened and I was kinda disappointed with the the more Radler effects that seemed to take over. More wheat and a little more carbonation would have made this better for me.