Pac 6

3 weeks from today, Pacific Plate is going to go all Tiki for their 6th anniversary because 6 is the tiki year, right? Follow their social media streams to make sure you get all the details.

RIP – Pacific Plate / Glendale

Sad news to report, Pacific Plate is pulling out of the Glendale market…

They opened the satellite taproom back on February 26, 2017 and they will close up on this Sunday, September 23.

Though the place was well appointed on the inside and the beers were solid, that location at the way southern end of Glendale was not, in my opinion, great. There are Glendale restaurants and shops that have trouble on the main section of Brand and the Americana (probably due to rent) has had a lot of turnover too. Being stuck at the bottom of car buying row was not optimal.

I wish I had gone more but I didn’t and that part is on me but considering the vast amounts of seriously empty retail space at the ground floor of the million condos in the Jewel City, taking over a space with customers an elevator ride away though pricier might have been the better deal.

Yum Yum

Pacific Plate could have done an easier collaboration and an easier style for their second can release. They could also pick an easier ingredient to spell than galangal.(a relative to ginger used in cooking, dishes like Tom Yum soup.

But they didn’t and we get to see a little of what Bangkok Craft Brewing Co. might be like and we get a spice laden beer in the bargain.

Pac Plate 2

I don’t usually post Facebook screenshots over to the main blog (what with the fake news (come on people, read smarter)) but for people who live in Glendale (like me), this is big news.

Pacific Plate will be opening a satellite tap room on South Brand Boulevard. It is true. I have verified with the brewery and I have actually stood outside the spot.

Review to come. But that means Horchata Stout and some cool IPA’s on the Boulevard of Cars.