Review – TuberFest from Lagunitas

This isn’t my first rodeo with a tuber themed Oktoberfest beer. Widmer Brewing did one a year or two ago, but this is one that makes the connection of spuds to Idaho to the new Idaho 7 hop.
Let’s see what Lagunitas has cooked up….

The Tuber pours a clear orange color and right off the bat there is some hops to it on the nose. It tastes to me of a beer with two minds to it. There is a hoppy red half and a Germanic Marzen half. New World meets Old World. The hops add a juicy quality that works against the malt to me. The lingering bitterness is a bit more off putting to me. One of those beers that is working right up until it makes a turn. Maybe more spuds are needed?