Fresh off of a collaboration with El Segundo where they brewed up trouble, Ogopogo Brewing is at it again with this time with BareBottle ‘Actual Friends’

This effort is “a DDH Hazy IIPA 8.5% with Nelson, Citra, Incognito Citra, and Nelson CGX.”


Move over hard seltzer, maybe the next RTD craze will be that brunch staple, Mimosa. And you can get a local Los Angeles version canned and ready from Hartlam Winery which is a sibling brand to Ogopogo Brewing.

An IIPA Beastie

A big beer is coming our way soon from Ogopogo Brewing, “A little late for the season, but we decided to make a Triple IPA. Prolly around April 14th we will be releasing ‘Yacumama’ Hazy IIIPA 10.5% with Citra, Azacca, Amarillo, Chinook, Pineapple, and Coconut.”

Review – Ogopogo Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cider

I am a side cider connoisseur and when I saw Ogopogo was launching a line, I knew I would be trying them. And I decided to start with this highest price entry in their range. Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel aged. And though, I generally prefer “clean”, plain cider. This is a really well balanced drink. It is more barrel than bourbon to me, the cider shines through and it still has enough bubbles in it to make it a bit crisp as well.