Needed or Not? – Beer Shade

So, this looks like a tabletop sign that would tell you something about Humble Sea Brewing but if you turn it around David Copperfield style, you get….

…now, I do not think this is blocking out that much sun, plus it looks like something that would tip over kinda easy too.

The only question that needs to be addressed though, is this really needed? Is there really a problem to be solved? Yes, a beer can be skunked really quickly and double yes, we are drinking outside more. But how many beers are getting off flavors while they being drunk? I do not think that it is a high number.

Besides, you can use your hands or hold it in your lap if you are that worried. Or if it is an important tasting, do it inside. A little walk will save you thirty bucks.

A Quote & A Beer

‘What you call “flaws”, I call “interesting and flavourful”. If all the beers in the world were brewed without any flaws at all, this would be very boring.’

Michael Jackson

To pair with this quote, I can suggest two routes to choose. You can go British and get a Mild like Solidarity from Eagle Rock or get a lovely cask ale from Yorkshire Square down in Torrance.

The other road would be to find yourself some pilsners and do a taste test to see how this beer could be open to flaws showing brightly.

And no, I am not going to tell you to have a purposefully bad beer. That would be cruel.

Something’s Off

On August 7th you can taste some bad beer for a good cause. That cause? BEER EDUCATION:


You’ve likely heard terms such as diacetyl, acetaldehyde, DMS, and so forth in the context of beer flaws and off-flavors, but what do they really taste like? Join us Tuesday, August 7th from 7-9pm for the second in a series of sensory analysis sessions to find out.

We’ll conduct a tasting of ‘doctored’ beers, each highlighting a specific flaw. Prepare to savor such flavors as cardboard, green apple, creamed corn, and if you’re lucky maybe even a little baby diaper! This is a great opportunity, particularly for newer brewers, to learn to identify beer flaws and troubleshoot their process. If you have any beers that didn’t turn out as you’d planned, bring them along!

In order to prepare course materials, have enough sample beer, etc. everyone attending the class must be registered via online store. There are only 25 spots available so it will fill up fast!”