Oregon Public House

Have a pint.  Change the World.

It can and is being done at the not-for-profit pub, Oregon Public House in North Portland.


On my most recent trip to Portland, my mom took me to the Public House.  It was a first time for both of us so the helpful employee at the door gave us the rundown.  You order your beer and/or food.  Then you pay for it.  All normal so far.  But then you can pick the charity that ALL of the proceeds go to.

W or P

Or you can have your tab split amongst the choices on the board.  And/or you can drop some extra greenbacks into the Give-O-Meter through your choice of stein….


All well and good but what about the beer?  Well, it was a good list. Competitive for Portland beer buyers dollars in my opinion.  I picked up the Lime Kolsch from Burnside Brewing and enjoyed it while my mom had the Proletariat Red from Lompoc.  And I could have easily picked a  couple other beers to have or the cider from Reverend Nat’s which piqued my interest.


And if you need further prodding to head out that way, Breakside Brewery is literally 1/2 a block away.  Two birds. One stone.

Oregon Public House

Another first for Beervana. A not-for-profit pub!

Oregon Public House is REALLY for the public.

“The customer will purchase their food, beverage, and choose where they wish their individual proceeds will to go to from a short list of local charities. This ground-breaking model for business is literally the first of its kind and we believe this could begin a new wave of business and mission that has the possibility of changing the way we work, spend and care for our communities.”

That is some serious out of the box thinking.