Food GPS Teaser – You’re Not From Around Here

Tomorrow on Food GPS, I will talk about the spate of recent craft beer immigration into Los Angeles.

But if you spin around 180 degrees, there is a need for our local beers to make the rounds out of state as well.  Sure, some get seen and rewarded at the Great American Beer Festival, but it is hard to make an impression when it is one taster glass out of 30-40- or 50.

Golden Road has been in the vanguard on branching out into markets and during San Francisco Beer Week, our brewing peep’s have a venue for an L.A. Tap night but until our breweries get bigger the best way to create an L.A. craft beer image is for us, the most vocal fans, to spread out beer far and wide.  When you go home for the holidays, if Los Angeles is not your final Turkey/Xmas destination, take some beer FROM HERE home.

Yes, you will have to check it but Southwest lets bags fly free.  And you can put beer in a bag.  Grab a sampler of beer to pass to your buddies and family.  Or if you don’t want to share, tweet that you are drinking our beer somewhere else or Instagram it. (just not in sepia, God how I loathe that).