Player One – NoHo

Since I have written about both Button Mash in Silver Lake and Barcade in Highland Park, I figured I should complete the trilogy with Player One in North Hollywood.

As you can see, it is quite purple. The inside leads into a bar and seating area that I can see filling up quickly. No taps. This is a package bar replete with White Claw for the hipsters. But if they continue to stock Allagash White and the Belgian table beer, River Trip (which I quite like), then the other beverage choices won’t matter that much.

The game selection tilts to the pinball but there was a good selection to choose from though they could use some game side cup holders. I beelined to a Star Wars game and quickly lost all shields and exploded above the Death Star but there was also quite a cool Jurassic Park seated game with some crazy good graphics. Overall, I would give the beer and game nod to Barcade and if you need food, Button Mash has you covered better. Both are better beer selection wise too. But then again, right across the street was Brews Brothers so you can get a beer then come back for games.