About now, some who were on the Dryuary train may have gotten off while others are moving forward in their alcohol abstinence. Those in the middle should probably read this handy guide from NPR, HERE.

I have been taking (2) days off a week from drinking since 2016 which I feel works better for me but I understand the whole resolution side of the ledger as well. But I would say that January need not be the month that EVERYONE stops drinking be it a few days or full month.

Maybe, December is a better month for people to press pause to better deal with relatives over the holidays. Maybe Half of June and Half of July is better. The month doesn’t really matter as long as you are looking into your relationship with alcohol. Dryuary is handy as a reminder but is not the gospel.

Because the goal is not to drink everything as fast as you can but to enjoy what you have. I find that after beer two, subtle flavors are lost so I would much rather limit now and enjoy for my whole life than to go crazy in the present with diminishing results.


Take a peek at this video….

…I don’t know how people will react to the famous dark beer brewers creating a light option but I would be very interested in trying it.