Review – Harvest Newly Developed Hops from Sierra Nevada

Orange as a pumpkin, or the New Black is my take on the color of this latest Harvest beer from Sierra Nevada. To me the proof is in the pudding though. I love the idea of the series as it stands but the execution hasn’t thrilled me. I’ve had good beers but nothing to reach the level of the iconic pale or the Torpedo IPA.


This new beer does have some nice orange juice notes to it. Not super laden down either, it has a nice bubbly texture to it. There is also some wine grape notes stuck in there as well primarily from the aroma. This is the type of beer that could elicit different flavor responses from each person that tries it. The bitterness is a notch too strong and a little tannic to me.

This is an interesting effort. Better than others in the series but still hampered by attributes that don’t work for me.