Nectaron New Zealand

Even the latest LD from Firestone Walker got a bit of a label re-fresh along with the hop list for this all New Zealand iteration….

The hop news for this IPA is the use of the Nectaron hop and this is the backstory from the press release, “The latest Luponic Distortion stems from Brynildson’s travels around the Nelson region of New Zealand. There, he befriended multigenerational hop farmer Brent McGlashen, proprietor of MAC Farms, as well as Dr. Ron Beatson, a hop geneticist with New Zealand’s Plant & Food Research public breeding program.

After his initial trip four years ago, Brynildson returned two years later and followed up on emerging hops like Hort 4337, which McGlashen was growing on an experimental basis at the time. Hort 4337 would later be named Nectaron in honor of Dr. Beatson. The name Nectaron is a marriage of “Nectar of the Gods” and Dr. Beatson’s first name, Ron.”

Names to Look For

Quick hop post for y’all.

Remember these two hop names because I bet you will be seeing them in beers next year and more I need 2022.

First up is Australia- Eclipse. Then to New Zealand for – Nectaron.

5 Years in One


I could not believe it when I read the label for this new Cigar City beer.  Really?  They hadn’t brewed anniversary beers.  I don’t know if that is refreshing or dereliction of duty.  Either way good to see the New Zealand hops in force.




BrewDog somehow manages to straddle the line of being grandstanding while still being true to the beer.  And this later Twitter inspired brew is a perfect example of that, “Inspired by the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of craft beer drinkers, we set out to create a truly democratic craft beer. We entrusted all the important decisions to our fans, customers and anyone who wanted to learn more about the craft brewing process and cast their vote. We gave up complete control of every single decision which shaped the final beer that the #MashTag project produced.”

And what did #MashTag become?  A big 7.5% “American Brown Ale loaded with New Zealand hops and aged on Hazelnuts and Oak chips.”  Whether that combo works is another story but I am intrigued.

Now how do I hashtag a #mashtag?