Send Good Thoughts Brewery # 1 – NY

Since New York has been super hard hit by this world stopping virus, I thought we should focus on a brewery from the Empire State first. And I know the name is too on point but let’s take a little taster tray tour of Brewery of Broken Dreams in Hammondsport.

Here are the beers that I would like to taste….

Stop and Wonder Rye – Smoked Rye Lager

The Crying Loon – English Style Pale Ale

Old Antics – Amber Ale

Unfinished Business – Scottish Style Ale

As you can tell, this brewery is hewing to old classic styles and they are a New York State Farm brewery that uses all New York hops and malts. All the more reason to plan a visit when visiting plans can be made.

New York Brewery Tour # 3 – Torch & Crown Brewing

Our final August stop in New York is at Torch & Crown. Say hello Lady Liberty and let’s see what beers I would order from this Vandam Street brewery.

Tenement IPA – “The “haze craze” of NE-style IPAs has already gotten pretty played out and just plain tired. But we’re in the city that never sleeps, god dammit, and it’s time for an energetic new take! This beer hits you with a buzzing aroma of fresh melon, and full flavors of citrus and stonefruit. It finishes with a crisp bitterness but adds a slight hint of acidity to accentuate those deep fruit flavors. (And yes, it’s still hazy.)”

…and that is it for now, except for another hopped beer, Darts on the Line.

Maybe this up and comer will make waves in 2019.

New York Brewery Tour # 2 – Wild East Brewing

Our second NY stop is pretty wild. Wild East Brewing are producing Belgians, IPA’s as well as going more complex with some barrels and aging and using local ingredients and Brooklyn microbes too. The brewery was founded by Brett Taylor, Tyler March and Lindsay Steen.

Here are the initial beers that I would add to my tasting tray…

Wild East IPA – “Our signature IPA, fermented with a farmhouse blend of yeasts and loaded with Mosaic, Amarillo & Citra hops. Luscious tropical fruit and citrus flavors with a slight hint of tartness. Subtly earthy, lightly funky, wildly juicy and complex from start to finish.”

Urban Farmhouse Pale – “A balanced, sessionable and clean American pale ale. Heavy doses of oats and wheat for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Heavy doses of American and NY state hops for a unique medley of bright, floral and citrusy flavors.”

Debaser – “Our award-winning hazy, unfiltered double IPA. Dank pine, tangy citrus with notes of stone fruits and melon. High on juicy hop flavor with soft bitterness and plenty of IBUs to temporarily degrade your tastebuds.”

Boring Planet – “Our unfiltered take on a traditional European pilsner, brewed to almost-classic style. Super clean fermentation, grainy-sweet malt backbone and assertive notes of spicy, herbal hops. Crisp, balanced and unrelentingly crushable.”

Shadyside – “A sessionable farmhouse black ale made with locally-sourced New York state malt and hops. Crisp, light-bodied and decidingly dry. Mellow roasty notes of coffee and chocolate set the stage fir bold citrusy hops and the unique yeast character steals the show.”

Brooklambic – “A truly locally-inspired sour ale, brewed with pilsner malt, aged hops and spontaneously fermented with native Brooklyn microbes and aged in wine barrels for 12-18 months.”

New York Brewery Tour # 1 – Lineup Brewing

The first NYC stop is to Lineup Brewing which is based in Sunset Park.

Katarina Martinez, the owner has said that the brewery doesn’t “want to embrace people drinking things because they feel like they have to…” I particulary like that one of the beer names used in the past was a session IPA, In Defense of Ghosting.

Here are some others beers (with some of the better names that I have seen lately) that I would want to taste first…

11:11 American Pale Ale
Fantastic, Brilliant American IPA
Football Beer Cream Ale
Tami 1 American IPA
That’s Not Amore Milk / Sweet Stout

I Heart NY Beer – Photos Part 2

Here is part two of the photo round-up. Once the jet lag subsides, I will post up some notes from my Manhattan beer adventures.

At the Filling Station at the Chelsea Food Market.
At the Filling Station at the Chelsea Food Market.

Two of favorite beers came from a single source.
Two of favorite beers came from a single source.

My other Singlecut beer at Rattle n Hum - West.
My other Singlecut beer at Rattle n Hum – West.

The revolutionary design from Gun Hill Brewing.
The revolutionary design from Gun Hill Brewing.

White Aphro from Empire Brewing in a "high-end" glass.
White Aphro from Empire Brewing in a “high-end” glass.


Looks like a former keg only beer has hopped to cans with Tesla, a “hopped lager with a notable wheat component.”

From the Sixpoint Mad Scientists labs comes a new canned, “Electrified Wheat Lager.”

We shall see if it makes its way to us.

Clean Beer Project

As part of my continuing (and probably annoying) series, Why is This NOT a Thing in L.A., we head to New York City to highlight the Clean Beer Project.
The mission statement: “Your Beer Deserves Better. We’re here to let consumers know what they’re consuming. Let’s make sure that the beer you’re drinking is just as the brewer intended and praise the NYC bars that serve through clean lines into clean glassware.”

And Sean Lynch is not just proselytizing, he is actually doing it. He comes to bars and cleans out the gunk and residue from not only the lines but the faucets as well. He breaks it all down and gives it a deep clean and then in a really savvy move, tweets about the bar when he is done. That way you can head to the bars that care knowing that your Saison won’t taste of schwarzbier. Unless that was the goal of the brewer.

Will it Cost $10?

For those who can’t get a ticket to the crazy popular (in ticket sales and Tony nominations) Broadway hit Hamilton, you can visit the Great White Way and at least have the official Hamilton beer.

I had not heard of the Broadway Brews Project that was founded by actors Mark Aldrich and Jimmy Ludwig but they collaborated with members of the Hamilton cast and crew and enlisted Gun Hill Brewing in the Bronx (irony of the name is not lost ) to brew Rise Up Rye as a companion beer to the musical. It will be on tap at select bars in New York plus in bottles at the Gun Hill taproom and part of the brew’s proceeds will benefit Graham Windham, which is a charity founded by Alexander Hamilton’s wife Eliza.

Review – Hi-Res from Sixpoint Craft Ales

Hi-Res pours a bright but dark orange. Individual hops seem to be vying for attention in the aroma which is not a good sign to me. You can smell the alcohol coming off it too. The taste is very muddled. Dank and alcoholic to the point where no other flavors can escape. More a hoppy strong ale that needs to age and mellow.

I was expecting more from this Sixpoint beer. But I will wager, without looking at ratings first that this one is probably 90+ out of 100. I wish the citrus was more pronounced to make this less boozy. The 11.5% is way too strong here.

P.S. The Ratebeer score was 98 out of 100. Hops win again