New Boomtown

You would be forgiven if you thought that Boomtown Brewery in DTLA was already open.

But now they have actually opened their brand new and quite luxe tap room.

You look for the big mural and head down Jackson to the alley and go back past where the temp tap room was and head to the left and down the ramp to the large space where you will see a large space with dark wood accents on the far wall.

You make your turn to the right and find the bar and taps and the order board that is a bit hard to make out, so grab one of the menus on the bar to get the beer info to help you make your choice.

There are plenty of tables to choose from as well as couches to lounge in as you enjoy your beer.

DTLA tap rooms are a varied bunch and this one just screams classy night out.

A Peek at the future Ohana taproom

Tucked away right smack dab against 38 Degrees in Alhambra used to be a Gas Company payment office.  Now a much better use for the small space has been found.  As a retail outlet for Ohana Brewing.


Due to Ohana’s mandate of not repeating beers (a rule that is bent on occasion) and their small size it can be a touch more difficult to find a representative sample barring a tap take-over event.  But now you will be able to get (for now) four ounce pours of multiple Ohana beers at once.  Growler fills and merchandise will also be available.

Andrew, Eric and Robert from Ohana show Beer Guy LA (aka Jeff Prosser) their taproom space.
Andrew, Eric and Robert from Ohana show Beer Guy LA (aka Jeff Prosser) their taproom space.

You might even see a combo like this…..


Wee Smokey, Saison Noir and Pacific Blonde.

Food GPS Teaser – Pacific Plate

Tomorrow’s post over on Food GPS is cut right down the middle.  1/2 about the recently opened Pacific Plate Brewing and the second 1/2 about some of the events on tap for L.A. Beer Week.

This teaser does the same.

First up a review of the tap room at Pacific Plate.  As craft beer fans know, breweries tend to be tucked into industrial parks and other odd spots.  This locale is not different.  At the back of part of a bigger complex off of Myrtle in Monrovia, the space is fairly roomy for a start-up.  I have seen and been in smaller.  Nice amount of blue barrel tables to stand at and a couple of picnic benches as well.  The best seats are the ones at the cut out window that looks at the taps and gives a birds eye view of everyone that comes in. The big thing is that the people at the taps are very welcoming.  And the beer is good, but I leave that to tomorrow.

Second, here is an additional event to consider attending.  Then check my post tomorrow for others and decide which (or all) that you will not want to miss.

Beer vs Wine at at The Local Peasant

Monday September 23rd 2013 6:30 pm-10:00 pm

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5 course menu of our Chefs creation. Each contender ( One Beer Guru and One Wine Guru) are presented with the menu. Pairing begins and the challenge is to vote on which libation works best with each dish…Who will win… Beer or Wine?