Guinness in the Yard

If there is a place more aptly named for a brewery than Old Brewers’ Yard, well I can’t think of it.

Guinness will be moving into that location in Covent Garden where beer was brewed back in 1772 and will house not only a brewery but restaurant, store and event space.

Now I have to visit Baltimore and London for the Guinness trinity.

Hermosa X3

Hermosa Brewing is adding a new brewery and taproom location in Torrance on Del Amo Boulevard. This is their third location and second outside their namesake beach starting point.

When I had their beer at the Beach, I was quite impressed.  When I tasted it earlier this year at their El Segundo location, it had lost a little luster to my taste buds.

Maybe the new taproom will reclaim that lost ground.

1st Visit – Los Angeles Ale Works at Ivy Station

When I was in Portland, I visited a coffee shop that was next door to a bottle shop which was part of an apartment complex. It made me wonder what it would be like to have that availibility so close.

If you live at the Ivy Station in Culver City you now have an outpost of Los Angeles Ale Works an elevator ride away.

Yesterday, I was able to step inside for the first time. The color scheme is great, warm blues with wooden slats plus blue speckled countertops. The space is rectangular and a bit smaller than I expected with a corridor of outside seating facing the Metro.

I liked the little touches on the chairs….

…and the beer list was full. No lack of choices…

…this a great addition to what is becoming a Metro beer crawl with Santa Monica Brew Works to the west and Party Beer to the east. Dodger and Angel City FC fans will have a great place to pre-game as well.

Arts District Lodge

Arts District spot in massive Aliso complex that had a Mumford sign for a hot minute might instead get Arrow Lodge Brewing. I say might because too many times, I have seen a liquor application sign posted and nothing happening.

So file this under, hopeful waiting because having Arrow Lodge closer than Covina would be good.  Though it is a tough call as to what is worse finding parking in the Arts District or driving the parking lot that is the 210 freeway.


Staying with news from Beachwood Brewing is this 2022 summer expansion, or as they are calling it…

Three new Beachwood locations, including the already mentioned on this blog…outdoor taproom at 2nd & PCH in Long Beach.

There will also be a brewery and distillery* in Bixby Knolls, Long Beach (*coming soon) (my guess is the open ex Liberation Brewing spot) plus a pizzeria in North Huntington Beach.

That is a lot on a plate.