Wave Maiden

In perusing the list of participating breweries for this year’s LA Beer Week KickOff Festival, I noticed a new name on the list, Wave Maiden.

The tagline for this Venice born brewing operation is “Herbal Ales Rooted in Plant Medicine”. I am actually kind of surprised that this niche hasn’t been explored especially here in SoCal where it could take “root”, pun intended. I will certainly check out their booth and start looking for their beers around town.


More L.A. brewed beer is coming, Maltitude Brewing, winner of an Anchor Brewing brewing competition, have spun out of the SoCal Cerveceros.

Phil Limon and Sandra Toledo are the team behind the recently brewed Ruby Sun Saison – a Hibiscus Saison that is on tap at Anchor and will probably make the tap list when their brewery is up and running.

Updates when opening gets closer.

Pacific Plate

There are many breweries bubbling under the surface here in the Los Angeles area and here is some positive news from one of them, Pacific Plate via Jonathan Parada! “..we found a location in San Dimas and will be signing the lease sometime this month. Supposing the licensing goes well we can look forward to having a tap room open as early as February or as late as July 1st.”

And it looks like the brewery swag will be really cool, “We’ve found an exciting relationship with a clothing company called Loud & Obnoxious that have become full-time partners of our company and are heading up the marking/merchandise of the company. They’re looking to turn the name Pacific Plate into more than just a beer, but a brand, a style. With some really innovative artists on board we’re looking to design labels/ logos for two lines of beer.”

But let’s focus on the beer, shall we, “First, our historically accurate Ales/ Lagers will consist of a Double Decoction Bavarian Heff, a California Common, and a Trappist Duble.

Our second line will be modern day fusions of popular styles with Central American Flavors, Horchata Stout: An English Milk Stout brewed with cocoa beans and cinnamon, Mango IPA, Agave Wheat, and our WidowMaker IPA.” I am glad to see a twist on the near forgotten milk stout. Looking forward to tryin’ them.

Pacific Plate Brewing Co.