Usually when I see astronomy or space themes on a beer label, I think Ecliptic Brewing but Brooklyn Brewery has gone hop pun with a new IPA (in 16oz cans naturally)…

…I have been highlighting beers with Strata hops because I have had a higher percentage of really good IPA’s with that hop as the focus. Hopefully this beer goes across the whole distribution footprint.

Featured Review – Point Conception from Figueroa Mountain

This month, the featured review spotlight is on Figueroa Mountain and we start with their newest IPA, Point Conception.

Point Conception pours a bright orange clear color. Jammy and spicy hop nose. First sip brings the West-Coast bitterness that is quite different from many IPA’s today. Pepper note constricts the mouth a bit.  Grapefruit notes come in lightly. This is quite a wet beer despite the spice profile.