Need Speakers

Lagunitas is pitting hops against each other with their Vol. 1 of their Stereohopic series. This round is Nelson Sauvin vs. Mosaic. It is a slight twist on the single hop beers. I think these two hops should be distinguishable from each other which should make it interesting.

Review – Diego Antonio IPA from AleSmith and Weathered Souls

Earlier this month, I reviewed some Black is Beautiful beers which was started by Weathered Souls Brewing, to end the month, I wanted to review a collaboration done with AleSmith.

Pours a clear yellow with a fluffy head to it. Citra and Nelson hops. Aroma is neutral with a taste by bit of citrus detected. Harsh orange and lemon taste. Very wet mouthfeel to it.  Alcohol really shows and still tastes like a higher alcohol beer.

Review – Nelson Showers from Noble Ale Works


Unfortunately I missed the Citra version of Noble’s DIPA 2014 series.  Part of the peril of not chasing after every beer.  I just wasn’t in the right place at the right time.  But I grabbed a bottle of the second in the series at Sunset Beer Co..  It pours a light orange to the point of yellow.  There is a big aroma here.  Spice hits the nose first.  Cooking spice.  The taste has that same bold spice note that is subdued by a touch of fruit.  Mostly grape but that fades right back to spice.  Strong and delicious.


Happy 3rd Anniversary by the way!


Review – Prairie Artisan Ales ‘Merica


Damn.  This is mega funky.  And just when you think the funk aroma is done, in wafts more farmhouse.  Pours a hazy orange juice color.  I get a touch of the Nelson but the crazy funk from the yeast is the star of this show and I like it.  And the funk just doesn’t die down.  It teeters really close to cat pee territory without tipping over.  Just when I think it has gone over the line it pulls back just a skosh.


And boy is this label a trip.  Laser Cats. Weird Fish.  Bicycles and tailgating and so much more.  I would love to see a “patriotic” Bud drinker pick up Merica and think it was some peon to “real America” and then getting a pure blast of funk.


On the non-beer side of the ledger, I drank this beer while watching World War Z.  Now I read the book and really enjoyed it.  The movie is not the book in any way shape or form.  But I enjoyed the movie too.  Crazy cool Zombies and an ambiguous ending to boot.  Plus it had the 12th Doctor in it!

Review – Saint Archer Pale ale


Here is my thumbnail review of my first ever beer from San Diego’s Saint Archer, their pale ale…..

“Pours a light orange. Has almost a Nelson Sauvin aroma and taste. Some herbal dankness as well. Almost a white wine set of notes. Bitterness is medium. A bit sharp. I am a bit conflicted on how to rate this.”

Here is the description from the brewery, “Balanced toward the hoppy end of the spectrum, this straight-foward, California-style pale is eminently sessionable. Crystal and Munich malts provide a backbone to showcase the bright, citrus, piney notes of Cascade, Chinook, and Simcoe hops.”