Video Review – Natian Old Grogham

My mother is my Portland beer source and she acquired the two beers from Natian Brewery that I will review in April. We finish with Old Grogham Winter IPA…..

This is the short description from the brewery website, “Palisade hops were added throughout the boil and dry hop schedule, along with high alpha American hops for bittering, Noble hops for aroma and a few other varieties in-between to balance the heavy malt profile. Rum soaked Oregon oak spires added during the final stages of fermentation bring flavor notes of caramel and vanilla to complement the bitterness.”

Natian Brewery

As if Portland didn’t have enough riches, now they seem to cornering the market on the new wave of smaller or nano breweries. First it was Upright which has now grown by leaps and bounds, that was followed by Captured by Porches and now Natian Brewery.

Here is their list of beers…
Honey Red – 4.5% 40 IBU
Made with local Oregon honey, this beer has contrasting flavors of dark roasts and sweet bee sugar, infused together to bring you a well blended red ale. It’s all buzz and no sting!

Mild IPA – 7.3% 75 IBU
An IPA for non-Hop Heads. This IPA has a sweet floral aroma and just enough hops to leave you with a mildly bitter aftertaste. The premise for this beer is to use the same hops associated with IPA’s, only toned down enough to still be considered an IPA and yet smooth (mild) enough to drink all day, not to mention, everyday.

High Gravity Pale Ale – 8.0% 70 IBU
Smooth and clean with a mild malt character up front and just a hint of bitterness to round out the aftertaste. Leaves the pallet wondering where the 8% ABV was hiding.