The Next IPA Craze

Yeah, that headline is facetious to a degree but I do not know how I missed the first go-round of the Horchata IPA…

Obviously, the star of this Mumford / Magnify collaboration is the lactose. Americans will suck down sweet no matter what. But the spice profile of Horchata seems to lend itself to more of a stout or a golden milk stout. I do not see how cinnamon and nutmeg would blend with hops. But maybe it is an opposites attract thing.

By the time this posts the beer will probably be sold out and trading online proving me to the contrarian yet again

Where Mumford At?

I forget when I posted with happiness a sign in a retail space at the ground level of the Legendary apartments/condos in Glendale that had the Mumford Brewing name on it. It was a while back. Sigh, the sign is there and nothing else.

And alas, their across Alameda location in the Arts District is much further along…

Those are much better signs to see. When they will open is unclear but I would guess 2020.

Mumford Turns 4

The DTLA and growing bigger Mumford Brewing will be celebrating their latest birthday the first weekend of June.

Here are the details:

When: June 2nd from 12:00pm-4:00pm

Set-Up: “multiple pouring stations and an awesome line-up of new, limited and rare beers on tap, plus a select amount of guest taps”

More Details:

–Since this is a ticketed only event, there will be no register transactions for pours, which will make pouring faster and more efficient.
— We will have outdoor seating, tented back area and a live DJ.
— We will have food vendors with various food items available for purchase.
— As is our usual policy, outside food is allowed.

Lil Package – $40
(1) Anniversary Taster Glass w/ wristband for unlimited pours of all draft beers
(1) super good time

Big Package – $70
(1) Anniversary Taster Glass w/ wristband for unlimited pours of all draft beers
(1) Mumford Brewing branded canvas tote bag
(1) 4-pack of Box Logo #7 (NE DIPA)
(1) Bottle of 4th Anniversary Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (2 variants to choose from)
(1) super good time

Mumford in the Jewel City

Taking a walk on Condo Corridor (aka Central Avenue) in Glendale, I saw this….

If what is inside the circle is correct, DTLA’s Mumford Brewing will be opening up in my city. With the closing of the Pacific Plate taproom which was not in Downtown proper, Glendale was falling behind in the beer race. But finally, the retail space that was considered a value add for these condos and that has been mostly empty may finally be tipping into being slowly (ever so slowly) filled.

With a Laemmle Theater branch that serves Brewyard Beer and now Mumford, things are looking up.

Featured Review – Brought A Jacket Didn’t Need It from Mumford

Up there with the great beer names that I have run across is the new session IPA collaboration from DTLAs Mumford Brewing and Cerebral Brewing.
Definite hazy aroma, almost like lupulin powder (if that was used). Has that hazy scrape on the tongue. Finishes a bit watery though so that scrape isn’t full. The can art and design s really cool. The beer itself looks like grapefruit juice. Dank bitterness taste lingers for awhile. First time I have seen Enigma hop broadcast as a selling point. Grassy more than citrus.

A Book & A Beer – Safe by Ryan Gattis

This month I tackled my second L.A. crime novel. Following Split Second, I read Safe from Ryan Gattis. Both travel extensively around the Southland with the hardboiled criminals and cops.

I preferred Safe due to the more downbeat ending. Plus I liked the dual format where Ghost (are titular hero) and Glasses (the adversary) alternate chapters. It makes for a consistent story with more information being provided than you get in a normal mystery or crime thriller. And not to spoil things, but Safe also was the more downbeat and I like that noir thing paired with the City of Angels.

When you have the book in your hands, I suggest grabbing beers at Mumford in the Skidrokyo section of DTLA with the Speakers and Sneakers IPA or the In Other News Belgian Single. Then to pay homage to the end of the book, head to San Pedro and Brouwerij West for Switcheroo Pale Ale or the even more L.A. appropriate Ask the Dust IPA. A nod to Fante.