Ring in the Year with…

…the right glassware.

Beer afficianados, even the ones not into breweriana and collecting end up with pint glasses and tasting glasses and many other branded glasses but I sometimes wish that I had a complete set of craft beer glassware at the ready for every occasion.

And as much as I love promoting local and favorite breweries via their logo on a shaker pint, I do wish that I could have a set that really shows off the beer in color and aroma.

Something like this…..


…from the Red Envelope website and made in Bavaria by Spiegalau.

    • stemmed pilsner glass has 15 1/2 oz. capacity and is designed with an open mouth for intense flavor release – ideal for stouts, Belgian style ales and pilsners

FOR MY Belgian Strong Monkish ale, Anomaly

    • grand pilsner glass has 15 oz. capacity and a slim elegant shape to channel dry hop aromas – ideal for light golden color pilsners such as German or Bohemian styles

FOR MY light and big hopped Lagunitas Sucks

    • wheat beer glass with 24 2/3 oz. capacity and a tall wide shape that allows for fluffy head – ideal for German wheat beer, Belgian whites and wheat ales

FOR MY Lomaland Saison from Modern Times

    • lager beer glass with 19 3/4 oz. capacity and classic lager shape – ideal for powerful IPAs, pale lagers and English strong ales

FOR MY  Fresh Hop (and Salmon Safe) IPA from New Belgium